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All right. This is Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in a Wasow Oklahoma talking about a Web site Witness Security Tulsa dot com phone numbers 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 there that’s 1 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 0 Watts Oklahoma Owasso Home Security.

If you’re not aware of where that is located is just north of Tulsa and it’s right in the middle of like to the west of Scotland and to the east of no. Way to the west it’s got to it and to the east. Well get to be Claremore be that East.

You know wassup. Then he got Collinsville north of Wasow. Yeah.

So they have an idea of if you’re just listening you’re not exactly sure where a Watsa Oklahoma is.

Owasso Home Security You know that’s good. Good proximity Witness Security.

THOMPSON If you want to look at the Web site we’re going to talk about this morning is having cameras at your house out at your gate and so you don’t have any power the gate you know on a Wasow in Collinsville Oklahoma. There is a lot of people that have houses that are you know three and four hundred feet off of the road and they have a gate out there. But they have people pull it up to the gate and they’re not exactly sure who they are and not sure if they need to open the gate or anything like that and some of them don’t even have power out of the gate.

And they’d like to be able to have a camera out there so that they can see who they are and so.

Much of the phone call. People ask.

Owasso Home Security You know I’d like to have a camera out there. You know I don’t really want to pay an arm and a leg to you know have this happen.

And every other company said well it has to be with a PTZ if you have let you know no do to.

After have a little bit of technical difficulty. You know a lot of people. Have our camera out of their gate and be able to view it. But the problem with that is most in most cases in order for that to happen you have to have a PTZ at your house or pan tilt zoom. They can zoom all the way down the driveway and as long as there’s a line of sight from the house you can see somebody at the driveway.

But in order to do that painted in camera is close to $5.

So it’s cost prohibitive and they’re still not going to get as good of a quality picture as if you had a camera down there at the gate.

So another option would be a solar powered camera set up and having a solar powered camera set up. He could have multiple cameras down there and be able to see both directions of the car rather than just on. I mean you can see the whole front of your road right there in front of the driveway rather than just ask the driver.

Owasso Home Security Where PTZ you’re only going to see what’s at the driveway. And it’s kind of a long ways away.

I agree with that a lot of times you have those of the houses that are out in the I call it the boonies. It’s probably 10 15 miles out of town. They still have maybe in a Wasow address or a rural A Wasow address and get at the same time they have. Maybe it’s a ranch or a farm or something. They just want to make sure that they’re not letting some bozo in that is going to do them harm.

Yeah if you go up near 161st north or 126 street north or 136 street north all the way up into town Colorado you know quite frequently there’s not even any good out there.

Owasso Home Security You know we have a camera system in a barn. It got you know like a horse arena out there and they wanted that had problems with people breaking into the house and the if somebody wanted to Cambre at the gate. So therefore we installed the cameras on the barn and and NPR is located inside the house. You know MVR if you’re not familiar with that is the network video recorder. And what that does that enable.

Are you going to have cameras off the site without digging a ditch. Right. I mean you can have it in two or three different buildings yet at the same time be still recording still recording not just that.

In most cases people who have used dead dear cameras you know they have an SD card and you’ve got to go out there every day or so and pick up the card and put in another SD card. And then you’ve got to take the card back to the half and look at it on the computer and that would be the only way to deal with the camera’s rare with this situation.

Not only are you able to not have to be going back and forth in always pulling SD card. We can see it all right from your phone.

Yeah. When it comes to home the long distance I mean you could have technically up to 254. And if you wanted to. I mean it’s not saying you actually had to but you could have 254. Wireless transmissions shooting. Up to 30 cameras back. Wow.

So it’s pretty amazing what the devices that we’re using can do. But there’s companies that have been in in in the industry for 40 years and they’re still digging ditches.

And that’s why they’re so high on price.

And you take on because somebody has or has a bar after what we call cattle or something out on a field and you have a barn out there that you can store your hay or whatever it is that. You store and even a place that will work on here you know equipment.

Not out in the out in the water but it’s quite a ways away from the half right. So you know how do you do that. It’s very simple.

You put cameras around the property as long as you can get some sort of power. You can get power from the building itself or it doesn’t have power. Then you can use solar power. And by using solar power then you have extra. So it’ll run at night. Know we’re in three days without sunlight.

And it generates that much. Yeah. Yeah. Direct sunlight.

You know in Oklahoma there’s an awful lot not a whole lot of trees in remote areas and so not a whole lot of shade. So that’s not going to be ever be a problem.

So having direct sunlight is going to be pretty easy to do.

Then you also have the modes where we have to do away somewhere and show that we’re building right now that they’ve got five different gates Plus a playground pool area that are willing to watch and had too many people pull in and do stuff. They definitely should not have been doing. And so they just want to make sure that they are being proactive rather than reactive and having one of these systems put in place.

Owasso Home Security And by doing so not only again not only are you not happen to go get.

What do you call it an SD card out of it. You can see it everything right from your phone via the Internet. But keep in mind there is not an ethernet cable out there. Be a cellular so that you know you’re just catching the same air waves in the air in order to do the to get the internet to the camera.

Right. Yeah there’s there’s several several different ways we can get Internet to a camera system if we need to. And one being cellular too is the wireless transmitting point to point devices. And we just we got tired of digging ditches and then after we did the ditches and everything’s good for about a year and a half two years then the conduit in the ground gets water in the line and then it’s condensation rather

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