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All right. This is Tyler and these ways we do security in XP and Jenks Oklahoma talking about witness home security dot com. And he very well yeah. But when it comes to security he basically just want to talk about this suspicious behavior and how to make sure that you are keeping an eye on everything going on in your neighborhood or your business neighborhood Owasso Home Security.

Yeah the one thing that we weren’t covering this morning is simple behavior.

Behaviors. Of what to look for. If you see people you know.

Carry an item down the street to the TV that’s kind of suspicious. If you see people standing out in front of your house or a house across the street or something like that you’re driving down the street and see somebody just standing up for it. You don’t think it really belongs there then that’s kind of suspicious.

If you. Just see activity of people walking up and down the street Owasso Home Security.

That are looking in one direction and the next one. Darkhawk in the back yard. And that’s kind of suspicious. I mean there’s a lot of little things that you can see and more than likely when you see things like that and then that’s the possibility of a crime.

About to take place.

Owasso Home Security Yeah I’m sure whenever it comes to police they have a heightened sense of always being alert.

But when it comes to. People like you and I. Were where we’re as well heightened when it comes to paying attention to what’s going on. But then you have people that they don’t do this for a living to kind of really have no clue as to. Not really sure what to look for Jack. Yeah. And so. I just wanted to let everybody know what it is to look for.

And most importantly is when you’re just driving in the street or you step out in front of your house and you happen to notice. You know people in the neighborhood who don’t necessarily belong. You know it makes you kind of wonder. I had to have a fellow mother drive up in front of our drive in front of our house. About once every month. I stopped in about three times to find out what he’s up to. He’s. Stopping to pick up the neighbor kid. To go work out. But every time he does he pulls out in front of the house and he sits right in front of my in front of my house.

Owasso Home Security It stands to reason I’m going to go in asking you know what do you do.

And you know it’s like and every time it’s like hey I’m here to you know pick up my body for to go work out your park in front of my house to get a chance. I’m going to have and every time it’s like now.

For the last month or so. He parks. And. That person’s house.

He hasn’t parked in front of my house again. Pretty close to three months. Just simply going up and asking. Why he didn’t get.

A little bit. Leery. Probably.

Makes him nervous. Because I think it’s kind of knowing.

All right carry on.

Owasso Home Security I’m guessing you are. When you’re driving home one night. Have you ever noticed some some person just running. From like a convenience store or. Yes. That heightened sense. And I got to get out of here as fast as possible. Yes I’ve seen that before. What about. So. You’re in the neighborhood. It’s in the evening. And. The. Sun’s going down. You ever seen a kid run just seems like he’s he’s running from something but there’s nothing chasing him.

Nothing chasing him and he’s not wearing running. Apparel. Right. That gives you an indication that there is something wrong.

Exactly. That would be a suspicious behavior says Hey. Something is going on with that person. Those are the times we need to pay attention and say yeah I need to love that in my memory for when someone comes to questioning whether it be because my neighbor is it. Got.

Broken into. Or something came missing out of their yard or her house or worse. I mean. Years ago I heard of one Saturday morning. Mom gets up to go get her kids up in a moment. A mom gets up. This is a street celebration. Where. She gets up to go get the kids up for the day Owasso Home Security.

And walks into her 5 year old daughter’s bedroom and there’s a grown man standing there. She’s down around his ankles.

Owasso Home Security Oh man. Can you imagine what goes through that Mom’s mind. And then he dove out the window. So that’s how he came in. He went out the window in a painting bridges ran his legs apart. I. Didn’t get away. He got away into the neighborhood. But he got caught. But when it comes to your kids. You want to pay attention to. Your house and how people could possibly get it. I know myself. I want to make sure that if someone’s hanging out around my house being a peeping tom or whatever. They’ve got to crawl over some stink in Hollywood she has to get in here because those things hurt I’m tempted even plant them in front of my house and around some of the windows.

Just because of that. Yeah.

I don’t know if we have any peeping tom type in my neighborhood. The. Sexual Offender Registry is growing every day. So they have to they have to register all the time. They can’t live within a certain age of a school. Right. So I don’t know how many schools in my neighborhood are close by so. My neighborhood would be a prime area for a sexual offender to move. As it were. So I never thought about it. Yeah I did think about it just a second ago. But when it comes to. Sexual offenders and all these. Other registries always growing. You can’t be too cautious.

Right. And from what I understand if somebody has to register as a sex offender for life.

Oh yeah. They have to be that way forever. And.

Owasso Home Security You can’t live in a certain area of a certain distance from the school. You can’t escape. But.

That. That urge is never going to leave them. They’re

always going to want to do that. And.

So when it comes to. Being always cautious. If a peeping tom is walking around your house. You need to make sure your house is covered.

And also more so than that. A lot of people like that especially and even thieves in general.

Know. As a rule they don’t want to be.

Seen. So therefore at night or during the day you can have you set up life to run your half that are going to come on during at desking go off at night or go off Dawn. Yeah. And makes it that much more less susceptible for anybody coming up and down the street and want to be able to you know consider you know taking a look in that half. Right. I agree.

When it comes to just trying to be cautious on the. The. Plane of. Just. Paying attention. You need to definitely put in some sort of. Bush. Hollywood rosebush Roger windows.

Secondly you need to have lights. Definitely you need to have lights. On my house. I’ve got my front porch light. And like you’re just saying dusk to dawn. And then. When it comes to security wise you need to have a secure system. A lot of people are saying oh I need it I need to put in a security system that self-monitor

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