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Hello this is case with Witness security.
You know it was Oklahoma. We’re talking about.
Phone security tips and things that you could possibly look for when you’re looking into a home security system. There’s some idea in mind that you’d like to have as mayor Mayor as we have mentioned before in the past about a layered security you know layered security is something that some people never even considered. You know it is just kind of an afterthought or you know something to kind of sort of already did. But this is what layered security is and it’s pretty simple. Owasso Home Security Tips
As you look into buying and looking to buy a house you’re just starting to move into a home run or look around to watch so maybe you know started to you know you got a job nearby either downtown Tulsa or maybe one of the new facilities or just opened up and in a lot of those areas the medical field and and or the distribution centers that just moved in a while. So was Oklahoma becoming one of the fastest growing communities in the Tulsa area.
For the last couple of years. So there’s quite a bit of building taking place as far as new homes and subdivisions being built there and Wasow.
And as a Wasow begins to grow also comes to crime that is in Tulsa we’re ranked as one of the highest crime areas in the entire Oklahoma area as we were 143 percent higher than the national average. And so therefore the crime statistics are much higher than what you would imagine it’s no different than anything else in life when you put a bad apple into a bag of apples. I think it’s going to spread to the rest of the bags so therefore the same principle applies. You know it wasn’t Oklahoma you know the surrounding area. Like I mentioned before as far as the national average when it comes to crime. And 43 percent higher. So it’s just a matter of time before it spreads towards Wasow. So if you’re looking to buy a home in a Wasow or you’d live in a waffle for a while and maybe you’ve had. An incident or two where people have broken into your car. Owasso Home Security Tips
It’s just a matter of time before they begin to consider coming into the home you know and a Witness Security we’d like to be able to provide some protection that you need to be able to prevent that situation from happening to you and your family. You know Witness Security is a lovely young company here in Tulsa just on the edge of Tulsa just before you leave leave Tulsa going toward the Wasow And you know we’d like to be able to provide the security necessary in order to you know take care of you and your family. You know being a local company we’re always available 24/7 to be able to answer whatever questions you may have to be able to help us that’s what’s important to take care of your home and as being a local local you know the locally operated.
You know we don’t do contracts so therefore by not having a contract you know yes you may pay for the equipment up front but that expense you’re going to pay for up front is going to be much less than the long haul that you would spend with a company under a long term contract. You know as you hear on the radio with some of the talk show host Dave Ramsey Clark Howard are constantly talking about you know various companies that deal with no contract. And it is not not a wise idea to be able to have a contract for your security for the sole purpose. You don’t have contracts from smaller purchases such as furniture and things like that. Owasso Home Security Tips
You know those kind of agreements tend to create more harm than good for the sole purpose. You never know what’s going to happen from there. From one day to the next. No no contract Witness Security and watch Oklahoma make a big difference when it comes to something should arise when an individual signed up with us. And he was coming from Houston in Houston moved into Tulsa supposedly had this new office that was opening up in the oil industry a year or two ago. And he after you’ve been in the house for a little over a few months all of a sudden they decided they’re going to close the office. You know the office has been open for about a year and it’s going great guns and all of a sudden because of the oil industry and the way things took place. All of a sudden they moving their offices back to Texas and they’re going to be closing this office down. And you know the individual call that they can do something can move the account to taxes because we’re a local company where they’re not able to do that like their service. But we didn’t we don’t serve anywhere of the towns and surrounding area. So you will to cancel the service. And one month later it was done the math major difference between going with a company that answers your phone and is willing to take care of people on an individual basis and your name was Oklahoma. We’d like to be able to serve you as an individual not as an ever witness security as taking care of people for the last eight solid years.
You know that business is growing as a company and being able to support households and not just you know serving our individual necessary needs that we serve the communities that are around us in Tulsa in surrounding communities as we serve our communities. We know our people. We are able to take care of their families there. And you know they’re lying to me outlining families as such as you know their parents your kids. Owasso Home Security Tips
And it’s important to be able to know that you’re taking care of the people that are going to be more concerned about making sure that your household is protected. You know Witness Security you know it goes way beyond the necessary any necessary.
You know just responsiveness to be able to take care of people because you know of having no car track we’re able to do the things that most of your companies would never even consider. And just by simply answering the phone to be able to take care of problems over the phone rather than taking care of them and setting up a service call so you have to take off from work and then have us come out you know to be able to take care of it. Owasso Home Security Tips
We’re usually able to do it directly over the phone and prevent you from having to take off from work. You know Witness Security in Watts Oklahoma has.
We don’t just take care of the security portion of it. You know we do take care of the home security cameras and security cameras that we install which are the vision you know top quality cameras or casino quality cameras that we install into the home after the fact. It looks like the equipment has been installed when the house was built. You know being able to fix the walls and be able to bring the wires out so that everything was installed as the house was built. Owasso Home Security Tips
You know this started craftsman’s ship is just kind of getting to be such a thing of the past where was Witness Security.
We’ve been in the industry for a little over 20 years. We know how to fix wire through the walls we know how to get wires from point A to Point B. Does some of the equipment we carry is wireless. You know the cameras for the most part are not. And being a hard line connection it’s a much better connection than a wireless connection. And you have a lot better connectivity.
Be able to get your video onto your phone you know onto the computer so you can see it when you’re not at home when security has gone beyond the necessary scope to be able to provide a peace of mind. You know money you just can’t you just can’t put a price tag on your family. And what it takes to be able to provide that peace of mind to your family.
So that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’re being taken care you know where this guarantee is located here in Tulsa Oklahoma that we serve Owasso Oklahoma as well. And if you are interested you’re moving into the area. Not really sure what kind of scared you need to purchase. Just Google Home Security in Tulsa or Owasso home security and you’ll find that we have the best reviews and the most reviews of any company in town. Thank you for listening.

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