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This is Tyler and Keith with Witness Security and a wasp Oklahoma. And today we’re talking about a Wasow security tips tips that you may need to know about having a security system or why you may need a security system.
Yes. For example suppose we had we’re talking about fencing.
As far as setting up your house and to be proactive in preventing a problem with the security system. And so therefore we’ve talked about. Windows and lighting and just being able to get to know your neighbors and things like that. But it’s also important to be able to know what kind of security system we get and you know what to look for in getting this security system. And today I’ve got a 10 minute or my 10 minutes that my Goldstar group and. Owasso Home Security Tips
To be honest I’m not even sure what them are really talking about today.
But what would you say.
I’d say a good thing to consider when I get here 10 minute presentation would take that phrase and that booklet flyer and just kind of goes through it.
And I was going to give a quick answer to.
And let’s see what we can come up with. Owasso Home Security Tips
And when you talk when you’re talking about home security it’s a lot of things you can consider when you’re thinking about a home security system you know a lot of people. I got a few calls yesterday were that people breaking into their cars. They’ve been in their home for a little over here and you know I’m actually moved into a property that had our security system in place already that up until now they didn’t really think it was necessary to even have a security system. But they came outside and. Got ready to go to work and discovered that both of their cars were broken into.
And it’s like you know can’t we even just be able to have things that didn’t work hard for things and be able to obtain things with people you know and steal and stuff. Right. It’s pretty irritating. We live in a society that can work hard for things and then have some punch combine and. Take anything and everything worked hard for it.
You know with this specific flyer it’s geared towards alarmed. Owasso Home Security Tips
And anything that alarmed dotcom can do for us as the dealer for the customer. Right. And well a lot of security companies will do is they will use a learned economy and they will charge the extra for the app access and they’ll charge you for the ability to. Just be able to see what’s going on with your home.
Yes. And I’ve noticed here on this Flyers give a little bit of a summary right there in the beginning.
But this is probably going to be discussing you know one thing that calm provides is a brief summary.
It provides the ability for the end user the homeowner the business owner to be able to have access to things that as a rule he would normally have never have had access before. For example you have the ability to be able to track who’s coming in to go in if doors are left open inadvertently even if the system is disarmed.
In fact last night I got home.
We’ve got a great vine in the backyard and it was bearing fruit. Owasso Home Security Tips
The other day and but it wasn’t totally right. So I went outside to check on it open up the back door and sure enough it notified me that the back door was opening. But moments later I was standing outside looking at the back door still open. I got a notification right there.
I found the tobacco was over which with most other systems you would not have that access that you wouldn’t have that notification at all. Now if you’re the one that had a swimming pool in your backyard and your toddler was able to open up the back door which is very common then you’d want to have no casing if you were upstairs folding laundry and didn’t know that Junior had got up from his nap and was.
Maybe looking for mom and went to the back door and was able to open the back door and step outside and to the pool area.
And also with that though our systems at that age normally want to have the system to China.
Yes. Totally different side of things.
But with our systems you know a kid that age you want the system the child. I mean my daughter she’s almost to that age where she’s going to start trying to do her handlers. So I’m going to have to make sure that the system chimes when a door opens.
It’s just it’s going to happen.
Yeah it’s something that’s pretty bizarre. For instance you were out of earshot of here that and or your music was happening you didn’t live then.
No problem of that the ladies a lot of times they don’t have cell phones with them but their cell phone in their back pocket then they’d be able to get to embracing notification that that was happening right.
Well it also is you have the ability to not only have customized triggers.
Well I think it’s really important I think is the fact that the smash and grab protection you know a lot of people will what does that mean.
You know it used to be very very common when thieves are breaking they would break in and they would go to the keypad to keep making noise.
And there was a big name company that made a control panel or had a control panel made for them that the big name companies ADT had a panel that was made for them and in making this control panel you could go to the panel yanker after all and step on her.
It was done.
There was no no way you could actually prevent it from I guess working you know at that point or actually not prevent it but you know they just smashed it. And that’s before the smash and grab technology came about. But the problem with. These big name companies they buy patents for a particular product and they’ve got to fulfill that not patent but in agreement with that particular product that they have to buy X number of those products before they can actually change.
Product. Right.
And so in doing so that was a pretty bad mistake for the smash and grab technology is by far the most valuable when it comes to that. Also here’s a company here in town that says that the panel we use to get does not have a smash and grab technology and that’s crazy. That was one of the things that they kind of were built on and they’re famous for that.
And so go online even though we’re not a really big. We’re just north of Tulsa and there are some serious problems as far as crime. You know it’s not as severe as say in other parts of the area but what a lot of people don’t realize. And you know Tulsa Oklahoma which I just said is just. What was just south of there. We have you know Tulsa which is per capita. People we have as much crime as New York City which is kind of amazing actually and we did the statistics the other day.
And Tulsa is ranked number 10 in the country. It might be her in for the guys that I were driving and they did the math or they looked it up and it was pretty amazing.
I had never really looked it up and barely registered.
That’s a little weird thing. Owasso Home Security Tips
I mean I’m right up on top of the My.
But anyways when they did this it was pretty unreal. They did it against Memphis as well.
Tulsa’s averages for murders is thirteen point seven murders per 100000 people.
In comparison to New York City what is that. Owasso Home Security Tips
Well this is Tyler and Keith with witness security and was Oklahoma and Owasso security systems a Owasso security system tips is what we’re actually talking about today.
Thank you for listening.

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