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Good Morning Keith was in town here with Wiccan security you know was Oklahoma. Really talking about a Owasso home security tips. Last episode we were talking about. Security systems in general. And the need for security systems and how security systems can actually work.
For our and security system Damore are just a luxury product anymore. They’re an actual more than just a luxury product they’re almost a necessity. Like yesterday I was sitting or I was doing my 10 minute presentation there at gold star and brought up how.
The necessity of having just cameras. We we’ve had cameras in the past are camera systems in the past that have caught them whereas just punk kids that. Come up to the house and are. Going through the packages that are on the front porch had the the camera systems that catch the U.P.S. guys he’s walking up and he checks the package up on the porch.
And yet at the same time that could be a fragile item in that package. You know what I mean. Yeah exactly. Now earlier that there are.
You going to look at things. Last night we were at a house looking at video of a lady that had her car broken into the driveway. And how they got the passport out of the car. You know. Took a. Little while to be able to find out what it was. Break into place and you know the cameras there were. They’ve been in place for three or four years you know fairly good quality cameras even in color night. And you know the problem with that particular camera system I tried to get the. Homeowner to get both sides of the driveway of the car. And the original install that is in the original install no different homeowner and he didn’t want to do both sides of the car. Owasso Home Security Tips
So what happened. The individual came into the side of the car and came over to see him. And you could tell it was probably a man.
But outside of that you couldn’t identify that it was you know who it was because they were on the side of that vehicle that they couldn’t see the person or the driver’s side driver’s side. You couldn’t really do anything. But we did see what took place. Yeah. Well when it comes to security in just Wasow security the clientele that’s there and it wasn’t was a hog.
That needs a camera system. It’s not the type that they’re actually they’ve got violent crimes taking place. It’s more. Most of the time preventative.
I would say you know when you’re not necessarily wrong the cameras themselves do create it or prevent it. Now.
The thing is yes I do like that.
And in this case the individual that this case guy broke into the car I doubt very highly he knew that there was a camera there. Yeah it was way too far away from it to be able to know that there was even a camera present. And it was behind that light. So he would know that there was a camera there.
So it wasn’t like he was trying to hide from it he just didn’t know was there. Right.
And when it comes to cameras just on a general note most times they’re going to be preventative to hopefully if someone is about to break in they look up and go oh they I think go go someplace else and try and stay out of the eye of that camera versus the other mindset that’s why. I’m just so I’ve got so much bulldog tenacity. I’m going to just go ahead and do it. I don’t really care. Right. And then you also have when it comes to camera systems. Most times when you hear the word camera system you’re thinking well a four camera system four channel camera system or an eight channel camera system or whatever. We have the ability not only just do our regular camera system with for an eight and 16 hour many you want. We can also do them where they’re stand alone and have an SD card and that’s just a single camera system and or the other opportunity which is a dot com doorbell alarm that calm makes a phenomenal Douro camera that doubles as a doorbell obviously. Right.
But at the same time it is as it has a camera built in to where when the U.P.S. guy walks up and as he rounds the corner into your little entryway cove that motion detector that’s built in picks him up and takes a video as he tosses your package on his front porch just so happens that you had just ordered a thing of precious moments glass dolls or something.
They’re going to break into our you just ordered. That’s really cool. Father’s Day.
Number one father. Or whatever. If it’s a coffee cup or if it’s if it’s fragile and that stinking U.P.S. guy or the FedEx guy chucks your package at you just paid good money for.
I mean who’s going to cover that. Well yes guy. FedEx guy they’re going to say well it’s probably insured.
Yeah probably. There’s a possibility that it is.
If it’s not well then who’s going to cover it now. Owasso Home Security Tips
Very fortunate to be able to have something that’s going to be able to identify the events that take place around the world. And if the cameras are not present then you know I started out you know it’s getting more and more that it’s not just a luxury anymore. Owasso Home Security Tips
Oh yes. It’s well just this past Christmas is probably the worst when it came to that specific scenario.
We heard about it on the news. I don’t watch the news very much but we heard about it in the news almost every day.
Well there’s you know you have so much shopping that’s taking place online basically take taking you know everything is going on Amazon and bragged about you know things that just skyrocketed. And it’s gotten to court. Owasso Home Security Tips
We’re now a grocery store where Amazon has gotten to the point where it’s it’s going to be probably well it’s not got to be it is it is one of the more prominent locations where people purchase products anymore. Myself I haven’t purchased anything on Amazon hardly ever. And just in the last few months I’ve purchased more things on Amazon Amazon and I have with smaller then also they actually are bragging about the fact that they will be doing the same thing that grocery stores like Wal-Mart and Kmart and Target all those companies did to the mom and pop generation.
Where they had the mom and pop stores. Amazon is about to do the exact same thing to get those grocery stores which is amazing but we’re getting way off topic when it comes to security. We have the ability in the technology that we have nowadays to tie a camera system whether it be just a single vision camera or a doorbell. Skiba and a dot com Skibo to your front door using the original wiring that powered your original doorbell and make it so that you can have a pretty good doorbell a pretty good camera system right with that doorbell and that you’re only talking for a dollar amount it’s not going to be enough to necessarily break your bank. Owasso Home Security Tips
But I tell you one thing it will definitely be enough to help you to determine what’s going on around your home and at $12 99 cents I mean I was yesterday I was talking to a lady on the phone that one of the big game companies you can 47 on an eight month 47 any month. She didn’t even get the ability to operate her system from her smartphone. And yet at the same time when I explained to her the difference between security and these big name companies you know. Yes you get it for free up front but you pay a lot more in the long run. And you know supposedly going to be getting all the windows and everything else down but you know we know that what happens most of the time when they get all this additional equipment once the installer gets then you get slapped a bill of you know six seven hundred dollars if I got I thought I was free.
Well it was for the basic package. But all these actors are more.
Yeah. Was Tyler and Keith was witness security will come right back here in a few minutes. But again this is Tyler and Keith with witness security in Watts Oklahoma. And today we were talking about a Wasow home security tips.

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