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This is case with witness security here and a walks of Oklahoma.
We are talking about just the basics of a home security system the needs that you might have for being able to provide the best home security you could possibly have in your home if you are just moving into the Tulsa area or and you’ve considered looking up into a laso for a home and you’re moving into a home or maybe even living in Watts Oklahoma for quite some time and you’re just started considering a home security system you know Witness Security has been in business for a little over eight years and we provide a service that’s a little bit different than most you know brief understanding as to what’s different about witness security in all walks of you you’ll find that that witness security doesn’t provide any kind of a or doesn’t have any kind of a monitoring agreement. And some might say well I’m not sure that wouldn’t work that would necessarily entail you know the simple fact of the matter is you pay for your security monitoring month to month. You buy the equipment just like you would buy anything if you were to go to Wal-Mart and you buy whatever it is at Wal-Mart and you bring it home. Same thing happens with Witness Security is you purchase the security system. And we come in and install the security system in your home and show you how to use it provide you all of the necessary equipment that comes with the system.
Any additional equipment you’d like to be able to get such as glass break detectors additional emotion injectors maybe have an outside bar and outside that you keep your Latimore and things in and maybe it’s a shop and it’s a separate detached garage and a workshop away from your house. Owasso Home Security Tips. You know those sort of things are not a difficult thing for Witness Security to be able to take care Witness Security is not only do we take care of our home security systems but we also provide video surveillance systems to homeowners and the equipment that we carry is top of the line you’re not going to find anything better it on the market today for the average person to be able to install in your home and at affordable price.
You know Witness Security is take any extra steps and the extra measures in Oklahoma to be able to provide that service to you so that you know we can provide a peace of mind for individuals one home at a time when security is taken in consideration that the average person needs to be able to afford the security for their homes and the more homes that have home security systems in their homes especially video surveillance and home security then there’s going to be fewer and fewer homes that get broken into by scenes that just want to create havoc in our lives and take the things that we’ve worked hard for. You know it’s rather disheartening to be able to after a long day’s work not to be able to come home and sit down and watch TV and or relax or maybe provide some sort of relaxation to you by going out in the garage and doing woodworking and things like that. Owasso Home Security Tips
It’s important to be able to have the ability to have what things that make your life a little bit more comfortable simply by just having the ability to purchase the things that you really enjoy. You know after working hard you’d like to do the things that make you just relax. You know in my case woodworking is one of those things that I just enjoy doing building furniture and items for people. Owasso Home Security Tips. It’s just enjoyment for me to be able to have that ability to mold things and create things you know out of work whether it be or just building a small box or maybe even a cabinet or desk or vanity you know whatever it is you know that you’re able to do that. It makes things a little bit more comfortable in your home and what security would like be able to have the opportunity to be able to come out and provide that ability for you to be able to do so.
So quite frequently most people aren’t necessarily sure what it would entail and how much it would cost for a home security system. I get relatively.
15 to 30 calls a day depending on the day. Owasso Home Security Tips
People wanting to be able to get just a quote for their security system and where the monitoring. There’s quite a few security companies out there that provide services and when they do so it’s in a long term contract for three to five years. And when those companies are done providing the services to you quite frequently people would like to be able to find another company that could do the same thing after they’ve already purchased the equipment from their previous company and just have it monitored at a fair price. You know these sort of things is imperative. You hear it on the radio on a regular basis that from other companies tend to simply say if they are constantly bashing the security companies out there for charging an astronomical fee for the installation and then an astronomical fee for the actual security monitoring and that’s just not true for Witness Security. What security does not have a long term contracts we do not charge you an astronomical fee and we are a real security company. You know one thing that you got to keep in mind some of these security companies out there that are providing services at a cheaper rate. Gotta keep in mind these companies most of them are not real security companies. They’re no different than Wal-Mart. Owasso Home Security Tips. They provide a service and they’re not required to be licensed if they are just monitoring.
You know that’s the reason why they don’t have representatives come out to your home really why they don’t have install installers come onto your home and do the work they mail it to you and you do all the work when you’re doing it to do it yourself for those regulations that require as far as false alarm gets in. Does doesn’t necessarily apply to the homeowner. No different than the homeowner doing his own personal electric work or his own personal plumbing work on his home. You know the rules and regulations and laws don’t necessarily apply to the homeowner if they’re the one doing the work. So that’s the same application that it is for home security what’s kind of unique about home security is how fast that thing’s going to communicate. When the alarm goes off you know if it takes a few minutes or longer for the monitoring station to be able to get the signal you know to the from the alarm system itself sending the signal to the monitoring station and the monitoring the station responding. In that case well over 30 seconds then you’re paying for something no matter how much it is you’re paying for something that’s not worth paying for. So the average response time for Witness Security over the past 12 months has been twelve point nine seconds. You know that’s sort of average is the kind of average that provide peace of mind to anybody that’s necessarily concerned about making sure that what they’re getting is exactly what they’re paying for and not paying more. Witness
Security work the individual the other day had an appointment. Owasso Home Security Tips.
You know they’ve had an issue with an elderly couple. They have a caretaker that come in 24/7. However unfortunately the last two consecutive Saturdays in a row have been broken into. Wow. All of them were at home and it’s not was not considered a home invasion. It was just a breaking through a window and picked up a few items broke a few items and crawled back out the other bedroom window. So they were taken from one room to the next. You know that sort of thing right there could create some major hazard to anybody in the home if they happen to get up and confront somebody that was in the home and that didn’t necessarily belong that kind of person that kind of person that actually creates harm to people because they’re nervous they’re not exactly sure what to do and they’ll do things that you know are a hazard because they don’t want to get caught.
You know Witness Security would like to be able to do whatever we can to provide that piece of mind two individuals one home at a time.
You know we’re located in Tulsa Oklahoma Carver we quite frequently work in a Wasow Oklahoma and providing services to individuals in a was Oklahoma to home security and video surveillance you know we’ll be talking about video surveillance in the next episode. And the very same thing you look for as far as cameras and things but if you’re interested in a free consultation with security no contract monitoring. Owasso Home Security Tips.
Give us a call 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Thank you very much for listening and have a great day.

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