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This is Keith and Tyler was with security you know Owasso Oklahoma we’re talking about home security tips this morning and if you’re not exactly sure where that was Oklahoma is it just north of Tulsa for our take Highway 169 out of Tulsa Oklahoma to. Owasso Home Security Tips
So it’s just right out just to I guess you’d call it about 10 miles and five 10 miles up the road to offer.
And that’s where our Wasow is located probably one tenth of one of the building communities in Tulsa or surrounding communities is quite a good building going on. So therefore people are moving into the Tulsa area and buying these new homes as they move into Tulsa. You know jobs are starting to increase here in the Tulsa thriving area in military and medical fields there.
They’re all moving into the area. And you also have that massive Macy’s distribution center that just opened up that up there really we did it.
On 76 street north massive building berzerker west of the highway about halfway between not even halfway to strike you know between 75 and 70s and towards me. Yeah but it’s not near the whirlpool. Well between that and when so can I.
But yeah there’s also is booming when it comes to business once you’re in the next few years I’d venture to say it will be one of the fastest growing communities if it is not already done the same thing. You know they’ve gotten a lot more business and a lot more homes going in South Tulsa.
Jake the area to walk the walk to school. Owasso Home Security Tips
It’s like a jingle to step up their game to try to excel literally in football.
No I want to but yeah when it comes to security we actually we were out at the customer last night that Sunday night. They got their vehicle broken into and they hit a whole string of vehicles. Now this took place in Bixby but they hit a whole string of vehicles throughout the night Sunday night. And what happens when that takes place.
That specific ring of people breaking into cars was they’d walk up and try the door unlocked. Let’s rifle through this car and see what we can get. And they were getting anywheres from. Valuable stuff to valuable information on people. Owasso Home Security Tips
And thing is a lot of people do not read the federally recognized this when your vehicles break being broken into on the driveway. That’s just the step the next step is to break into your home. Now some people say well. You’re not really stopping if they’re breaking into cars. There’s some truth to that. However in this particular case someone did catch these wrong fellows. And if we had the video it would have added another felony charge placed upon them it put them in jail for a little bit longer.
What we did we did get video in it and it adds to the timeline. Yes.
Didn’t get a great quality shot because the thief I think he saw the camera before he walked up and just so happened the state on the one side of the vehicle that there was no way he could get shot by the camera. Well Owasso Home Security Tips
I started he and everything was covered by the vehicle and he was able to get into the back of the vehicle on the side it had no caver.
It’s down to where he could just get into the vehicle with the tinted windows you couldn’t see inside.
Very well thought that he would move it around when it comes to cameras as well nowadays. We have the ability to set it up to where it’s recording only on motion. So by that what that means is when the camera sees motion it only records when it’s not seeing anything moving just so happen it’s not recorded that expedite the search of that video substantially.
I spent almost two hours trying to find video on this specific instant incident last night and we finally found it after I jumped over the top of that specific spot and went to came back from paint came back at it from a different direction.
If I’d just stayed five minutes had found it but when it comes to just having the cameras on the outside your house and that sense of security. I don’t think there is any other thing that you could put on your house and go man. Owasso Home Security Tips
I feel that much more secure other than maybe a national security system inside the house. And they go hand in hand. You can you drive wheeler.
That in this case it would have been something you could’ve done on a house that had a little bit longer driveway.
Usually it’s fairly simple to be able to install it around wherever to announce something you just pull in your driveway or you can set it back far enough to where if somebody just turning around in your driveway then it’s not going to go out there or drive down.
I can take your driveway and most of the driveways in that neighborhood for at least 65 feet long. So therefore. You could pull it back 15 20 feet which would be plenty enough to keep people from going off once.
People are turned around you know there’s always things that we can do you know like for example dogs you know layered security is there is a really important aspect of your when you’re looking at Home Security.
You know don’t carry arms are good for to keep people out of your home and kill caused the police to be able to be called.
However external security in my opinion is probably one of the more prevalent ways to be able to identify and secure your home from people coming in you know whether it be such as driveway alerts came or if it is you know the sign in the yard does a tremendous amount of work.
You know as far as security is concerned stickers things like that. They do a lot more work than most people realize and in wasso you know because of that crime here in Tulsa is probably one of the highest in the country. You know it does spread to other surrounding communities such as a waffle. You know even at this point or Waffen-SS crime statistics are.
Very substantially down from Tulsa that you know the loss of substantially according to the crime statistics statistic that I was reading yesterday. Tulsa is a hundred and 43 percent higher than the national urban yeah than the national average and 114 percent higher than the state the rest of the state of Oklahoma just so happens that all Wasow is next door neighbors to Tulsa and the most violent portion of Tulsa. Right. So having a security system. Yeah exactly. Have a security system and camera system in place. They’re in a Wasow is only going to help not having a system. You are just asking for somebody to come by and say I’d really like whatever it is that’s inside that house. Now also when someone is casing your house and they see a witness security sign in your yard they are going to move on to the next one because we are new enough where we’ve been in business for a little over eight years.
And at the same time you know because of the quality of service that security provides you know majority of the police recognize us as one of their contenders in the area for the sole purpose. Our response time is so much faster than them. Most of your companies offer you know security and a wife who. Has taken care of a lot of businesses and homes and a Hiawatha. And if you’re interested and you’re looking into a home security system you’re not exactly sure where a waffle is located just north of Tulsa. We’re already mentioned. That you. You know give us a call and we’d like to come out with a free consultation. Thank you Melissa. Owasso Home Security Tips

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