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And as far as video surveillance systems are concerned there are different kinds of camera systems you can have out there.
You have the analog camera systems that have always been available to wear quite frequently and see break ins and and or burglaries that would take place in convenience stores and things like that and jewelry stores and you know you see them on TV and it’s like why did they even bother putting those cameras in. You
can’t see anything you can’t see anybody you can’t identify anybody. You know what the camera systems that. Owasso Home Security Tips
You can have today even on your homes are far greater than what the equipment was available just a few years ago. IP camera systems or camera systems that are when you hear the word IP it’s internet protocol and it was Oklahoma. There’s quite a few you know there’s new homes going in both sides of the highway of 169 just north of Tulsa. And just a few miles north of Tulsa and you’ll find that if you were to take the time to put a camera system as investments you can put into your homes all different kinds of assessments whether it’s.
You know you’re doing upgrades to your kitchen or your bathrooms and things like that. And maybe you’re doing siding on the outside of your house you know for the small expense it would take for you to put in a camera system. You know why you’re taking care of the exterior part of your house. You know as far as siding and things like that you’ll find that the investment goes far greater than any investment you would ever make. The camera system that we can install today give you peace of mind.
Give me the idea and the direction of anybody that may be traipsing around your house it doesn’t necessarily belong. It’s amazing how many people in Oklahoma if they actually get a security system you’ll discover that there’s a lot more activity that takes place around your house than you would have imagined if when you didn’t have a camera system back the other night I woke up to.
Our God you know barking and small dog. And as he doesn’t normally bark hardly at all. And I thought as kind of odd. So I peeked out the window and sure enough. It. Was two people standing next to my mailbox. Owasso Home Security Tips
No one was sitting on the curb next to my mailbox. The other one was standing there talking to him probably doing nothing. Neighbor.
Back at two o’clock in the morning. That’s just not the normal activity you’d find.
Out in front of somebody else’s house.
It’s not the house that they belong to. That’s just not normal. And I stepped outside and as soon as I. Opened the interior door not the. Storm door you would have thought I was stuck with a stick people launched up and.
Ran off to their car which was only a few feet away maybe 50 feet away and they got right in their car as if they were you know I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that. No comment. No nothing.
But the thing that is here was Oklahoma. You can’t be too careful. You know as you are. Have given up and down in your neighborhood and you’re driving home from work and you are leaving for work as I was leaving for work this morning you know getting in the car I noticed this car driving on the street now I’m leaving the office at 3:30 in the morning.
And you know for somebody to be driving down the street without their headlights on at all no driving lights no no parking lights no lights whatsoever and they’re slowly driving down the street. That’s kind of odd. Therefore Owasso Home Security Tips
followed them out of the neighborhood and you know quickly got in the truck and followed him out of the neighborhood to make sure that they least left the neighborhood as I was leaving the neighborhood and that sort of thing is kind of important. The other night I was driving. Home from work. Never had this happened before.
Individuals standing on a corner and he had two flashlights shining the flashlights into the windshield as I was starting to drive up and as I drove by he’s kind of black for the light into my window.
So I stopped and backed up and you know if there’s anything I could do to help them and it was Oklahoma you know I’d go was 35 35 years old.
And I even commented to them a little bit. All right we’re a little bit old to be doing Charlie’s activities don’t you think. And all he did is just lower his sunglasses. Well large sunglasses that are pretty close to 9:00 at night when it’s already dark outside. You don’t need sunglasses on at that time. So therefore again that’s kind of odd behavior. Owasso Home Security Tips
You know one thing we need to keep in mind that you know you have things set up around your home to create some layered security video surveillance cameras. You know it’s one of those layers of security that is a priority. You know making sure that you have lights that come up on your home motion lights you know perimeter lights around your home. You know some of them could be decorative. You can pick up. What do they call those solar powered lights that are somewhat decorative to create a light you know up to the house. If somebody were to be walking up to the house you’re going to be able to see him and probably be a shadow but you’ll be able to see him. And that’s one thing about thieves they don’t like to be seen. So you know it’s kind of like cockroaches. You turn a light on and scatter. Well the same thing you want to have happen around your house. You want him to scatter away from your house. And if they go into the neighbor’s house and they don’t want to bother taking care of the protective measures necessary for to keep them out well that’s fine. Owasso Home Security Tips
But at least you’re on your own and these sort of majors are not an expensive process. They’re not necessarily going to bust your budget but at the same time they’re going to make sure that you’re not putting in a claim to your insurance company because your daughter got kicked in your place.
A standard run of the mill front door.
You’re looking somewhere in the ballpark of about 300 bucks you know $300 is not going to necessarily bust your budget but at the same time you can do a lot with the. And so take the time and effort necessary and you need to protect your home with as little as possible and you can do that little bit at a time just by having a home security system that is going to protect your home when you’re gone. And also when you’re when you’re at home when. Owasso Home Security Tips
You’re taking care of your home you want to make sure you do it at the best possible way. And the most least expensive possible way you can do so.
You know witness security provided no contract service. So whether it’s through your home security system and or video surveillance system you know the system itself you can see on your video on your phone you can playback video on your phone. You can zoom in on the video phone with no clarity a picture of five megapixels or better. You know in some cases we have cameras that are like a 360 degree camera that can see down at six megapixels or 12 megapixels just depends on what you’d like to be able to do and how you’d like to take care of your home you know was Oklahoma just simply google and do do some due diligence in searching around and seeing which companies can provide the services. Do you have this come out for FREE consultation and we can show you what products we have how we can take care of your home and how we can help you provide the peace of mind to your family knowing that you’re going to be taken care of with the best possible service available in Watts Oklahoma.
Give us a call 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0. Or you can get yours on the web. Witness the helo’s the on witness LLC dot com. Thank you very much.
Have a great day.

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