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Hello this is and with Witness Security you know wassup Oklahoma. We are talking about home security tips in the last few episodes we’ve been talking about the different kinds of security systems that would be important. Owasso Home Security Tips
As far as putting together a package it would work in securing your home.
And we are going to continue that topic about how to go about protecting your home and doing it without a huge expense you know Witness Security is a local security company located here in Tulsa Oklahoma. We branch out into various ethnic communities in the surrounding areas.
You know A walk’s Oklahoma is just north of Tulsa and located with you know I don’t know about 40000 people would be my guess.
However they’ve been one of the largest growing communities in the area. And even though it was Oklahoma Oklahoma’s crime statistics are about. 3 400 percent lower than Tulsa Oklahoma is statistics. Owasso Home Security Tips
You know they are right next door to Tulsa and so it’s just really a matter of when people begin to realize that they can go north to get whatever you know the sake of.
I’m not really sure how they go about doing that but you know common sense as you drive north and there’s a lot of new subdivisions being built with new homes then you know quite frequently a lot of people that are buying new homes don’t necessarily purchase security systems because they’re over budget when they’re in the process of building and they plan on getting to it in the future.
But they just haven’t gotten to that yet so consequently you know new homes new home and new subdivisions are quite frequently a soft target for thieves.
And so therefore it’s important news in Watts Oklahoma and if you’re not really familiar with where it was Oklahoma is located just north of Tulsa on Highway 169.
You know the major streets that you know take care of a was on 76 street north of 86 street north and 96 street north. Those are the main three streets that are bringing right off of you know taking care of Tulsa Oklahoma just north of Tulsa. Owasso Home Security Tips
If you’re thinking about a home security system it’s kind of important to be able to make sure that you cover some basic details you know a basic package consists of three doors and most intact and a keypad. You keep adding a color touch screen system that. Can’t you can operate with your smartphone. It talks to you. A door is open. You know if a notification will be prompted to your phone in the event of say a door is left open for a period of time after the security system has been turned off. You know that along with being able to communicate and provide your notification every time the system is armed or disarmed. It’s an app that you have on your phone that is a few touches on the screen and your arm and disarm the system. A variety of things you can do that you can have the ability to deal operate your thermostats your locks your lights and garage door garage doors rather convenient. I have one set up on my garage so therefore when I come in on the motorcycle I don’t have to get off the bike. Owasso Home Security Tips. I can open them up open the garage door and pull the motorcycle in without to get off the motorcycle. It’s really convenient. No scenes on my motorcycle I’m able to have that phone right up there on the handlebars. So it’s an easy quick test. It’s open and think about home security systems any more. It’s not like it used to be.
Home security systems have gotten to the point where they provide a whole lot more things to you right at your fingertips than you ever had before. Home security systems are a plus especially when you’re thinking about a new home and a Wassa Oklahoma. You’ll find that that you know there’s major subdivisions being built all up and down 76 street in Oregon 86 street north and 96 street north in either direction on offer of east and west of 169. And you’ll notice that in these subdivisions if you’re building a new home and you’re just moving into the area. You’re going to want to be able to provide the basics for your when it comes to security in your home. Now the advantage with Witness Security we do not do monitoring agreements so therefore you can start a security system with a basic monitoring of 30 ninety nine months. It’s not very much up front. So therefore it’s 349 for the installation. $349 99 cents for the installation. First much monitoring and everything right out the door you’re looking at 414 79. You know it’s a small investment to put in to your home and be able to know for certain that it’s going to be taken care of and more than likely you’ll probably be one of the few homes in the entire neighborhood if you move in that has a security system and insuring the fact that if somebody does decide they want to browse to your neighborhood to break into a home and they see the security sign in the yard that 75 percent of your deterrence and majority of the time you’re thieves out there they make their decision to break into your home out at the street. Owasso Home Security Tips
So therefore if you do have these securities in your yard then like the likelihood of anybody breaking into your house is very unlikely unless they already know it’s in the home. Quite frankly you know your thieves are thieves that are breaking into homes from your friends kids and friends and so on and so forth. See what you have in your home. They know exactly what they want. If our lives are filled with shopping lists that they’re going to provide for whoever is going to sell their stuff to an order where. So therefore you know they already know exactly what they’re going to get. There’s nothing you can do necessarily to avoid that sort of thing happening unless you just to make sure that your kids don’t bring any friends home. And you know that sort of thing is rather comforting to most teenagers. Owasso Home Security Tips. They want to be able to provide the ability for them to be able to bring your friends home and you know just to have a good time with your friends. So by having a home security system like and security provides you know the system as soon as you walk in the door it immediately prompts you to turn the system off which you can do with your smartphone if you walking in the door. And I advise to make sure rather than turning the system off. Prior to walking in the door you turn the system off after you walk in the door. If anybody is behind you and they can hear the keypad is there as your wife opened the door then with that in mind you’re going to be able to remind the people that oh yeah they use their security system.
So that’s thing pretty important here. Owasso Home Security Tips
And so you want to make sure that those kind of details are taken care of and you’re watching out for those things. And Witness Security has taken the extra steps to be able to provide the kind of information they need with 24 7 tech support to answer the phone with any event or ever any kind of a situation. The other night I had a phone call that we had done an installation on a house. And for whatever reason there was some sort of an issue with the alarm system. I couldn’t necessarily determine what the problem was over the phone. So at 10:30 night I went out to the house and visited with the couple. It wasn’t even our system that was having a problem it was you know the smoke detectors that were in the house when the house was built. And it was going to make all kinds of racket and elderly couple didn’t necessarily know what the difference was and they thought for certain that it was probably something to do with our alarm system. Gave me the opportunity to be able to visit with them and be able to provide them the confidence in any event that they ever had a situation. It could always give me a call and I’d be able to be able to come out and help them if need be. Witness Security you know being a local company and business for eight years. The Tulsa surrounding area you know we’re here to help you. So there you only have to a little bit of due diligence and looking for a home security system in your area just Google the area that you’re in.
In this case it’s Wasow home security or Wasow security and you’ll find that witness security usually pops to the top of the map with the most reviews and the best to any company in town. You know Witness Security is here for the long haul for no contract free consultation. Just give us a call at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 0 0. Feel free to give us a call at our whenever it is convenient for you. Set up a free consultation movie out to visit with you and help you in any way we possibly can. Thank you very much for listening. Have a great day.

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