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Well we’re going to be talking about our you know Janks in Bixby Oklahoma and just educating people.

The reasons that get a security system you know to get it to get a security system and or video surveillance system they work both hand in hand and it’s really important to understand.

The reasons why you be able to purchase that security system. You know that if you catch it on the web it’s Witness home security dot that’s home security dot com.

Jenks in Bixby Oklahoma just south of Tulsa and the phone number you can reach is Saturday night Money 2 8 9 2 8. You can text us that number where we’re talking 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0. And we might be able to answer whatever questions you might have Owasso Home Security.

So if you happen to live in Tulsa or Bixby in Oklahoma please get a hold of us. You know this morning you know as I mentioned earlier to educate people of the reasons to be able to get a security surveillance system either in your home or small business.

So when it comes to video surveillance you have a few things one of which is. We want to identify a threat whether it be there or to your house and or injection based be on South Tulsa areas.

Owasso Home Security All of those have some pretty good size businesses but they also have some small shops at business shops and then they’re obviously going to have houses.

So all of those different situations you’re going to need a surveillance system at any given time.

Well I’ve also heard a lot of people say well I don’t need anything like that. You know they have I had a lady call the other day. Want to start up a business.

And you know just wanting to know about security and a few questions we ask when they call in about the need for a security system. And we go through the basics of what we can do as a company you know Witness Security.

Owasso Home Security We’re a full service company so therefore we provide video surveillance and security but not just for homeowners and homeowners in general or small businesses but we also a taker of renters you know because renters have issues as well. You know we have apartment complex the lady was a manager an apartment complex or just becoming one and I wanted to understand what the importance would be to have a security camera system.

You know there at the apartment complex and I just happened to show her or talk to her about the various needs.

To be to that in order to get to do business.

So when it comes to what we’re talking about for different reasons you got to identify a threat and or a just then you also have a suspicious activity when someone is on your camera system and they are just.

There in your front yard know or they’re walking through the neighborhood and they are new to the neighborhood. You’ve never seen them walking around the neighborhood and or suspicious car. I think my next door I had said something about a car that was just parked suspiciously in that area just sitting there and knowing that you’re seeing that car. Well if the video camera assistant or Petersfield system saw that car there’s a good possibility they got a good description of that car.

On my way to work this morning all right. Coming down the street. I come around a corner and car had its lights on in the cab in front of the car as it went by. And at the time of our we get here in the morning people aren’t usually in their cars just in the cars. They look around on the phone or whatever Owasso Home Security.

So I turned around and I went back to take a look at what was going on in that car. And it was a girl sitting in the car on her phone.

You know.

And just on the phone I guess maybe waiting for somebody to come in and come out of the house for some time I’m not really sure but it wasn’t suspicious.

It was at that hour that with respect to a suspicious activity and that video surveillance true will do because we know throughout the night whatever we’re not sitting there watching the video suggested sometime.

Exactly. So therefore it’s important that if something is going to observe what’s going on around your business and or your phone.

Exactly. You know.

Then you have the the reason for getting a camera system is you want to see me and I’m moved to the one more room and back to the backyard and I can’t remember where I left it Owasso Home Security.


If you have a camera system you can. Oh yeah I did put it away and someone didn’t steal it or something stupid like that. We all have those old old people moments where we forget what we did with something and with our camera system for back a few minutes and. Behold.

Yeah you did put away the lawnmower or. Yeah you did grab the house. Someone came by last night. My wife wanted me to swing by her parents house and grab her belt. She left it there her parents and I. Swung over my father in law left on the front porch. They had a camper system.

Oh let’s see who they would have seen me grab the belt and pull up and walk up to the door to have it in the alley. And those two little things like that those people there are people out there that things like that they just want to see it. You see it take place. And though I had no ill intentions I just went up I grabbed the belt. I left. But when people see no he didn’t have any ill intentions you just didn’t she said you’re going to do. All is well. But then there’s also these people that they’re going to get the same thing. Right next to the belt is my in-laws. The reason they got their system was she had my mother though I had a set of wicker chairs sitting on the front porch. This happens to be stupid takes death. And for some reason somebody thought that they want to know more than she did. And so they took her and it was a week and a half later. She really does remember that disappeared Owasso Home Security.

And that’s why we in stock care systems and there’s a lot of other activities that you’re talking about suspicious activity that may happen you know we take our trash out after two days are trash picked up.

Do they have and one thing you’ll notice whether it be suspicious somebody to dig into somebody else’s trash is that suspicious activity. Yes. Yeah. So

therefore you know a lot of people wonder why would I do something like that. You know a lot can be said by digging through somebody else’s trash. A lot of people don’t shred things they don’t. It also shows behaviors and things like that just by looking in the trash you can determine somebody’s behavior.

Is that something you’ve been doing or you’ve seen. No I’ve seen it.

That’s something that the police have said. You know you need to observe suspicious activity to say things you should be able to determine what what is suspicious activity you know around our home.

That to someone who has gone into the trash. Is it possible trying to get personal information.

Yes that’s what I’m tired. And then also just want to make sure you are doing that. You know I know there is suspicious activity if you have somebody walking up and down the street.

And in our neighborhood there’s a lot of cars parked out on the street. So therefore are they walking down the street or are they trained or is on on individual cars. That’s kind of suspicious activity Owasso Home Security.

And people were driving up and down the street. Are they stopping and observing in front of people’s homes. You know they pull forward forward stop push forward stop you know in the wee hours of the evening or you know you know late at night early in the morning 8:00 o’clock at night. Yeah.

You know they’re driving down the street or they stop and start. That’s considered suspicious activity to see if.

Is this going to be an easy target or is this going to be a hard target and a lot of things they could be trying to examine.

You know you see a car drive by you know frequently a bunch of times down your street. Same exact thing if you go in and you just drive real slow.

And if the windows are tinted you can see inside the you know what do they call that bobbing their head back and forth when they’re being kind of know the rubbernecking you know turning your head back and forth or are they just looking for an address or are they looking for.

Give something in particular. But after driving by again and again and again doing that that suspicious activity.

Exactly Owasso Home Security.

This is Tyler and Keith with witness security in Tulsa or south Tulsa area Jakes and Visby Oklahoma. It’s 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 is here. You can catch some Levithan witness home security dotcom again again its witness home security dotcom as Tyler and Keith with witness security

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