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Security located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and witness. He’s been in business for a little over 8 years. We are located here hundred 29th East Avenue near the corner of 129th East Avenue and 21st Street, and we are locally owned, locally operated home security and small business security company. We are few basic things that describe witness security here in Tulsa Oklahoma is we do not do monitoring agreement now, there’s no monitoring agreement that you have to sign in order to have service with Witness there a few things that make a difference between the known and That, if we don’t do any credit checks, so you not have to worry about any danger credit whatsoever,┬áPlanning for Home Security in Tulsa and maybe you might be in a situation where your credit may not be so good because Hospital situations or financial, whatever situation and then also what really makes our Service differ is the fact that we are monitoring that we have is done with sticks, different monitoring station. It makes a vehicle monitoring our account the fastest in the nation. The average response of the alarms that take place with our clients is 12.9 seconds over the past 12 months 12.9 seconds over the past 12 months. Most of your big name, companies know they put in what’s called diver delays into their systems where, when the siren goes off, it’s not even going to communicate for 30 seconds.
So after the siren goes off, wear with witness security know when the siren goes off. It’S starting to communicate and you’re getting a phone call now within 12.9 seconds to inquire about whether or not it’s a False Alarm lyrics the real deal and then, by the time you hang up with them. It’S going to be close to maybe 40 seconds. Time. The big-name companies, their security systems, are just now making their phone call to the MARC train station, so it’s already faster than the big game. Companies there’s a reason for that. It’S a philosophy when the big-name companies that are out there, they young people that make false, alarms or set the alarms off invertedly that yeah, it’s a bother to the customer if they your own, Set It Off by accident and they got a phone call, It embarrasses Them it’s no different in this is the place to be right here. It’S no different when you’re growing up and you did something wrong and you had to get a spanking for what you did there. Usually you didn’t do that anymore, we’re if or you did it left, then if you got a phone call right away, then and say it embarrassed you then more than likely you’re not going to do that anymore.

It’S not real hard to understand, but the big-name companies. They said that that’s the reason why they do it, but the real reason why they do it. They don’t want to be inundated with calls into their Monitoring Center because they only have a limited number of operator to take care of. You are so rather than dealing with those they can do with their priority. Alarms that are actually probably a real alarm.
Then it is the individual ones, and the reason for that is they don’t have enough to take care of everything. Where would witness security? We have 150 operators in any given hour to be able to respond to Priority, alarms and a priority alarm to witness security is when the alarm goes off. You get a phone call. I got fatter simple, Planning for Home Security in Tulsa simply put it. That can be your all. If the alarm goes off, it could be you just open the back door by accident and like at my house, I have the back door check on instant cuz. We don’t go out the back door, pepper, maybe letting the dogs out, and I just want that back door to go off immediately as soon as somebody were to come in, so I open back door inadvertently the siren goes off. I get a phone call soon, as I walk back to the keypad and turn it off. Then I had my phone in my hand, phones already ringing, and I got to go, find my phone real fast and that picture right. There alone provides enough piece of mind to Consumers there more than anything else, knowing that your system is going to work when it goes off. That alone provides more peace of mind to homeowners in anything else, and call Matthew planning a home security system in Tulsa Oklahoma.
You need to pick take a personal home audit of your house and what I mean by personal home audit need to consider your family’s situation and there are security concerns. For example, if you have pets y’all, just like I was explaining with my family. You know we let the dogs out early in the morning, Planning for Home Security in Tulsa and so they can, and if you want to do the same, you can. Can you set that door up to where it will have a delay on the door? So when you open the door, it’s not going to go off immediately and again be kind of a bother or do you want to set it to where it will go off immediately and you just have to remember to shut it off just a concern. You need to think about and then also make a list of your Security Essentials that you absolutely need. These are fairly simple and the first and foremost obviously the doors and then, when you think of the doors make sure you just don’t have a count of the actual doors you have in your house.
Some houses have an exterior garage door to be important or what kind of equipment you may have in the garage and or items you may have a virus that could be of value, and you really wouldn’t want anybody hang around for any length of time in your Garage and also extra garage door now they got plenty of time to be able to fit into the interior garage. Now great many people don’t ever lock their interior garage because it’s inside. So this is another consideration you need to think of your own.

If you don’t lock your interior garage and it would be a good idea to contact the exterior garage door, Planning for Home Security in Tulsa if you have one also could be the one contacting overhead garage door. That’S another item that we can do and as you as we contacted overhead garage door, do you need additional time to come in and turn the security system off now I haven’t mentioned yet that witness security also provides interactive on your phone. So you can control everything from your phone phone if you so much as your overhead door door and your security system lights, thermostats things like that, the other things are available,┬áPlanning for Home Security in Tulsa but not necessary and just depends on the security concerns you may have and what you believe Is absolute, I know if I got to run over a little bit here, just to kind of give a brief overview, as we conclude this need to consider your family security concerns and issues, and then you also need to make a list of your Social Security.
Essentials of things you actually and such as your doors and things are going to be on the security system. If you’re looking for a home security system – and you need a security company will come out, witness security would be like to be. The company that could take care of your needs were located in Tulsa Oklahoma and we provide home security systems and camera system to homes. In small businesses, if you need a professional installation company, Planning for Home Security in Tulsa that’s going to that with integrity and witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma, it’s a company to call and just Google it on Google just type in Tulsa home security, and we would still see the reviews we have and How we can take care of you? Thank you very much for listening and have a great day.

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