Planning for Home Security in the Tulsa surrounding area

Hello, this is Keith with witness security talking about how to plan a home security system in your home, and it’s very difficult things you can do as far as planning your home security system.Planning for Home Security in the Tulsa surrounding area. First and foremost, you need to involve all of the members that could be involved in a home security system if you’re talking about a home, you’re, obviously the husband and wife, and where the kids any other family members that could be coming and going out of your House to discuss the various types of options you could do as well as no codes that the kids would like to be able to take you to remember, or your loved ones could remember, and even friends and even house cleaners or various other people that could be Involved, it’s important for everybody to know how or what to do when they would come into your home when you get a home security system. Planning for Home Security in the Tulsa surrounding area. So are you involved every everybody involved? Know the family members and whoever in here if you’re in a business really have on the matter, is a Maine not necessarily want a security system because they’re doing things that may be deceptive. So you include them, but you include what we going to do, and this is how we’re going to go forward and also you need to make a list of reasons why you’re purchasing a security system here is actually fairly simple. The reason why you want to get a security system Mini case is pretty out here. You want to secure your property and make it safe for everybody in your property y’all for a home. It’S like, I said it’s pretty obvious. You know why you’d like to be able to get a security system now for a business security systems to protect your business when you’re gone, but also to be able to get a security system to protect your property when you’re present for the sole purpose. The way the security systems work here, witness security and Tulsa Oklahoma and back up for a second here – is located in Tulsa Oklahoma and, if you’re, not exactly certain as to where that is kind of in the middle of the state and its second largest city in Oklahoma, but we service the right in the surrounding community of 30 Mi. So if you’re moving into the area and you’re not exactly sure, I know what other communities we would serve. No such as a walk, though, and Collinsville back to the north and talk I’ll talk to and then to the South is Glenpool Bixby Jenks and to the West in Sapulpa or Sand, Springs young and then also to the East is East, Claire Moore Coweta. Those are the various cities that we would serve on a regular basis and every now and again we will serve no, maybe a little bit further. But it’s got to be exceptions to the to the rule. Their back to what I was saying before. As far as planning a home security system and or a business security, you know you need to first and foremost of all the family members. Second, are you need to make a list of the reasons why you’d like to purchase a security system and then also you need to make a list. Purity system, obvious ones. You want to cover the doors now. That’S obviously the most important cover the door, how many doors you have before you get a hold of security, home security company or business security company yo? How many doors you have are you concerned about the windows themselves as far as may be getting the glass protectors or window contact? So you might be a good idea to count the windows and all that you have and how you’d like to be able to dress the does. Positions are places y’all for a home, in many cases, not even entirely necessary to cover the windows, and this is kind of a scary technician y’all, because the vast majority of your random thieves they’re simply not going to break into a home right up the street. So many cases it’s not going to make a huge difference as to whether or not you have all your windows in your doors, your windows covered, because it’s just going to be a difference of a few seconds before the alarm goes off and makes phone call. So these things need to be considered when you’re, considering a home security system, it even prior to even calling out of home security company. Take me to man door salesman when he comes out be careful as to who you call out, because you want to get somebody. That’s going to be honest, I’m going to be somebody’s going to be willing to give you good advice so, but we need to be taken care and attention to yours, planning your home security system and it’s nice involved. Stewart overcast here are evolved. All your family members and discussing the home security system, different codes and and then make a list for the reason for purchasing security system needs to be thought out if it’s just going to be a lasting purchased. Your specific needs for your home security system, so the doors is going to cover to protect an easy, necessarily want and then the expectations you want to have of that security system. Your own wooden, I say the expectations young – do a little bit of research on the various security companies in the area here in Tulsa Oklahoma are. There is a variety of security companies. You can go to your. I recommend going to a local security. Local security companies, such as witness security, have a more of a vested interest to make sure that your home and your family or your business is going to be protected at the best of their ability. Also, when you’re looking at a home security company, you know that’s going to be providing services to you know, don’t need to be in a contract contract only buying you, the customer, they don’t find the company. So when it comes time for needing service, your own security company, if you’re in a contract, will get you when you need service at their time, not your time so you’re not going to get taken care of immediately like you’d like to be you’re paying for service. You got to get service, you know within 24 hours. Any time you call. It does take a little bit of time to be able to get you on the schedule you’re on Beck. It doesn’t take a long time so within a 24 hour.. Look at the reputation on Google find out whether or not this company here look company and you’re going to come. How come out on give you a quote: are they reputable company your own, and you can do that through Google to the Better Business Bureau and a variety of other sources girl with witness security? We have the best reviews. The most reviews, many company in town. So does that mean we are the only company know, there’s other companies out there, do your due diligence and find a company that would best EQ security, and I appreciate you listening

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