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And the building building that’s going on and Owasso is amazing. You know the homes that are being built on every major street is Highway 169 you know 276 street north and 86 96 106 turns 16th Street north. These are all exits right off of 169 going north out of Tulsa. And. You know there’s Home Edition going in on both sides of the home of the area. Now the thing that witness security does provide is we provide security for Red Raiders. So if you’re not necessarily looking to necessarily buy a house right away but you want to rent a house for a year or so over in an apartment you’re able to do so. And he also able to have a home security system because Witness Security takes care of renters along with businesses and homeowners alike. Nobody gets treated any different and everybody is part of the Witness Security family you know give us a call. Find out what we’re about before you make a decision. Set up a free consultation and Witness Security will give you provide you all the information necessary even if you don’t decide to go with us. At least you’ll be armed with the information necessary to make a good decision when it comes to home security home security at its best. On how. Get all the Witness Security and find out what it’s about. This is Keith who’s Witness Security you know it was Oklahoma. We are talking about home security at its best. What do I mean by home security at its best.
You know as I addressed earlier you know we’re thinking about a home security system you’d like to be able to do business with a company that has a reputation. Of doing business taking care of people. Why is that important. You know if you’re looking. At protecting your family you know would you want to do business with a company that has the reputation that is less than stellar. When I say stellar I mean a company that. Has a reputation of making sure that you’re left on hold if he ever called for assistance. You know if you’re with a company that doesn’t bother to answer your phone after hours and weekends. Because think about it you’re working.
And most people that are homeowners most people in general whether they’re homeowners are renters or business owners or anything else. You know you have a job to do. Security at its best
And that job entails your time and your efforts. So therefore you really don’t wanna take a whole lot of time out of your busy day of work to address the situation.
For home. And if you have a security system in your business you’d rather not take time out of your busy day at work where you’re trying to make the business run and make and supply for your family. You know you’d like to address these situations after hours like most companies are pretty proud of the fact that they hang up the phone at 5:00 o’clock in the evening and they don’t bother answering the phone on the weekends or holidays.
And no the dress you during normal business hours you know what is normal business hours if it’s bankers hours. How are you going to go get a hold of the but and when you do get a hold of anybody. Are you going to take the time to talk to you.
It’s really simple. Most of the companies like that day. Everything goes to an answering service or any interim regime. Then when they come in on their business day that they’re going to be able to answer the phone and so on and so forth. Security at its best
They start listening to these voicemails and then they start saying well address that one.
That one’s going to get put back on the backburner I’ll do I’ll take care of that one tomorrow. And they start prioritizing you know.
Who and when they’re going to call back certain people you know wouldn’t it be better just to answer the phone. One hundred percent of the time. And if you happen to be on the phone the time when somebody calls the call them right back wouldn’t you appreciate the fact that you could get something taken care of and not have to go back to it. And if somebody does have your company structure what I’ve mentioned before that everything goes to voicemail. They’ll get back to you after next available convenience. Well the problem with that is it’s probably not going to be convenient for you.
So if you’re a business owner you work in general they’re going to call you when you’re back at work though your alarm system is their home and now they’re going to set up a timer for you to take off from work to make sure that they’re going to meet you there you know for that service call. And the majority of time it’s going to take you know take them know mattered. A couple seconds that you took off an hour or two hours from work in order to be able to be there.
And that’s time and effort and money that you have to set aside for somebody that was just going to come over and that could have been taken care of over the phone. You know when security takes these things into consideration and make sure that if you wanted the whole security system that you’re going to pay for on a monthly basis you’re going to get what you pay for. You know does that mean we are really expensive. No we’re not very expensive you know.
Thirty four ninety nine a month for you monthly monitoring regardless of whether you have 15 windows 5 windows or no windows contacts and smoke detectors carbon monoxide detectors water sensors in regardless of what the situation may arise. Maybe you like some extra locks and lights and thermostats installed in your house. You know all these various devices don’t cost extra. Witness Security but I can guarantee the cost factor with other companies you know you’re considering getting considered a home security system and you want to be able to take care of your home. Then. I’d say it’s kind of important to ask the various questions that might be necessary to find out what your basic rate would be. I get this phone call on a regular basis just wanting to find out what your basic murder rate is thirty four ninety nine months. Never raise a record any customer get an 8 but usually better business. Don’t plan on raising your rate let some mandatory thing come down from the government and require that I have to raise the rate. Security at its best
You know don’t play around don’t it. And hopefully nothing is mandated or I have to. And therefore our clients have in common with charites of knowing and able to budget from one year to the next what their security monitoring is going to cost from one year to the next. When I say one year to the next most of our clients are of all of us. Stay with us forever. Security at its best
I have them from from the time that they’ve started with us and to get to the point where I just had one the other day very disappointed very apologetic over the fact that they were moving into retirement center and they had to cancel our service.
You know those are the current kind of clients that I really enjoy taking care you know because they appreciated what we’re able to provide for them. They understood the value of being able to be or have somebody available 24/7. They understood the value of making sure when the alarm went off they got a phone call and retire. These things are kind of important when you’re considering home security and home security at it’s best ought to be a security system that you can depend upon and you can go to the bank with witness security has taken me measures to the nth degree and we constantly fine tune whatever aspects we have and try to fine tune our performance in what we’re able to do for our clients. So the you can go on and do what you think is important in your family and don’t provide that peace of mind knowing that if you’re out and about doing the things you like to do that Witness Security has your back on the low that we don’t have says we have had your back. The I that we have or is is our logo and if you look closely you’ll notice the pupil is our reflection of the city. You know how is that possible if somebody is not going to be available 24/7 open 24/7 you know awake and alert 24/7 where it is secure he makes sure that these efforts are in place and in certain locations to make sure that you’re taking care. And you know that witness security is going to be able provide cert services necessary to know when you talk to your wife and your kids and you arm that system up.
They have to call my shirts of knowing that security has your back because security is going through yes and the actor Michael Dunn was necessary to ensure that you’re taking care of you scared the fire. I mean I could’ve sworn I heard noise but I wasn’t sure.
My heart is racing faster than you can imagine.
That’s why I like Turn the time on to the keypad but I don’t like they haven’t charged him or are going to say right now I’m just reacting to the storm and not making any sense. So that is know fire security at best is something that you’re thinking about a home security system you know consider home you know our.
Witness Security and are you really have to do just Google or anything to do security. You know wasaga over in Tulsa Oklahoma and all of the surrounding communities we have Web sites and all of your major communities here in the Tulsa surrounding area so that we can make sure that our clients can find it quickly easily be able to make payments online be able to address their situations wherever it is just changing a password or code you know these various details are important to be able to be able to address them quickly efficiently so you can offie off doing the things that you’d like to do. Home security and it’s best you know the Oklahoma you.It from a mass. Security at its best

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