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Your morning this is Witness security you.
Know Wassup Oklahoma. We are going to be talking about our own security features this morning our security features are. What a lot of people would consider about home security when we think of home security.
Just the three doors you think doctor and keep That is what most people would consider or most companies would consider as a basic package of basic packages.
The terminology is those companies would describe if you would call them up and to start with when you’re dealing with a home security system. You know every house is going to have some doors and some windows and are going to have to contact those who are covered those areas in your home so we can prevent anybody from coming in or going out. Their basic package consists of three doors and most accurate to keep as you know the security system in Watts Oklahoma. There is a variety of homes that are being built in our new subdivision that are going up. And if you’ve never been to Oklahoma we’re just north of Tulsa Oklahoma on 169 and you know 86 street north of 76 street north 83 street north 96 street north. And once you reach 116 street north you are starting to return to Collinsville and waffle. You know and the subdivision in the area are right off of our homes if you know and east and west of you know as you coming in Watts Oklahoma you know home security is a is a lot of people think it to be electric typewriter. But it’s getting to the point where it’s not in some life luxury anymore. It’s in the city to be able to make sure that your home is taken care of. His home security is much more than just home security anymore. You’re able to do a lot more things with the equipment that is on the market today what a witness security hearing that was Oklahoma provides the basic package.
But in that basic package of three or the most in taxes to keep at it you’re going to find also the ability to be able to operate you know a complete platform that provides you the ability you are in this system from your phone be able to control your thermostats your lights your lights this entire platform is available to.
You. Well first of all you to talk about. The fact that working in a war. So. Lots of security and that’s been a little bit since we’ve sat here and just done a little bit of talking.
We haven’t we haven’t got a whole lot of things recently you know like Oklahoma about home security. And. You know so therefore rates began to kind of start over.
So I was talking of our home security packages in basic package is and where it was located and you know when it comes to security you know things have gotten quite a bit different than what they used to be.
Security is not just a luxury typewriter keyboard.
So you know a home automation platform.
Now as we have started with you when you say it’s not a luxury deal anymore.
I mean back in the day it was something that would be a luxury only the rich people would have it. But when I first started in security I was even kind of ridicule and getting into the industry because you know why would you want to provide products for you know such a minute number of people.
There would be even one. And. I thought at that time things were not going to get better. You’re going to get worse. So therefore not it will not come 50 left to your product but it will be. It will become a necessity.
Well yeah. I mean yeah people will see that it is breaking in to regular run of the mill people’s homes. And they they just want to be covered. They want to make sure that when they go off to work they’re covered. They got something watching the house.
Yeah. And we get a bigger installed security systems in homes that had dirt floors. They have no. There’s no standard for what homes are going to break into and which ones are not. It’s. Kind of frustrating for people to you know work in people’s homes when you’re being a wife Oklahoma or anywhere that you go to work and you try to provide for their families and then all of them to come home and everything that they have to kind of sort of work for is now damaged or gone. Oh yeah.
And that’s one thing that is really worrying and in fact the industry being able to provide the peace of mind for people that would like to be able to know for certain that their family is viable there are safe.
Oh hey you are right there. Well anyways when it comes to Wassa security. Having the features of a just a basic system sitting there at your house whether it be just three doors and a motion sitting at your house keeping an eye on what matters most to you whether it be the jewelry to you or say your kids get home from work or from work.
Kids get home from school and then they are in the system in a statement. And that way you know for sure that they may be doing their homework. But there’s not going to be someone that can just. Break in and take off with whatever they want. If they do they only have a short period of amount of time that they do have before something is going to take place whether it be cops show up.
And whatever in the system’s going to go off it’s going to call the mundur and some of the monitors that are has usually an average of 25 seconds. What other company has can say that here in the Tulsa area the Wasil area.
I don’t believe there is another company in the water. Not only is that the reason why the response time is the way it is here for us here. So we have six independent monitoring stations that respond simultaneously. So therefore it’s just a matter of which one to pick up first. It’s what it you have a hundred and fifty operators all sitting in one room at the same time except for you have the added benefit of one station can be located in Lewisville Texas another one in Baton Rouge Florida Nashville Tennessee Scottsdale Arizona. New Jersey Maryland you know having those advantages of not having the various stories that are taking place in one area versus another you know makes it not just that it’s just it’s somewhat like being a large gigantic room with all of the features of not having the very strong words to get to deal with except for the sole purpose that with six of them located throughout the whole country they’re not just there.
They’re not going to be bogged down with any specific storm like California right now. There are fires. And in California and Nevada they’re sweeping across the Nevada and California area.
And two years ago we we were with a monitoring station that was located in Denver Colorado and they had a few extra monitoring stations but because of the fires that took place in Denver Colorado where you know majority of amount of toothpaste never showed up. They are dealing with you know. Their own personal stuff.
And at that point you can’t blame them. At that same time. Our customers were that they were having security problems here in Tulsa.
They weren’t being taken care of as well as they could be.
Exactly. That’s why it’s important to be able to have the additional monitoring stations available on standby at any given hour. Here we are Keith in Tyler with a witness security watch Oklahoma. And today we’re just talking about a Wasow security features.
Home security features when we’re talking about that. Mean and more on lines of offset a little bit earlier. A three door and a motion that’s a basic package for a security system. So if you’re to call it anything you need to be covered.
Say you you woke up in the morning or say say you off to work and then not two three hours later your neighbor calls and says hey your front door is standing open. I just want to let you know where they text you and say hey you noticed that there is a guy walking around the back side of your house. And then the next thing you know he’s walking out the front door. OK. Right. And I myself would say no that’s that’s not ok. Was driving back from his house.
You know the day to 37 he’s dead. You know you can’t get from the car he’s in a wheelchair. His back fence with the gate was open.
And probably not a real common thing for evacuate to deal with. So I gave a call to find out whether or not it was OK to have backed up. You know it’s just an added thing to pay attention to your neighbors. And in our case our clients you know came in this morning and I started recording these things just before you arrived. The doc started barking. You know the lights came on our friend and the dogs started barking and we’re having a fit. With whatever was going on over there. It’s important to have some things in place. You know we’ve talked in the past about having layers of security. You know we used to do a lot of trade shows and it was all over. And you know people who come by walk get dogs out of the security system. Well dogs are really good to have your own small dog big dogs. Dogs are going to make some noise if they hear things going on out there like in this case you know just before you walk. No lights came on out front. How did life come on. Frank motions Dr. therefore they’re going to start listing what’s going on out front because like. Yes. And you know I was in the office here working and doing recording. I didn’t hear you.
Maybe they did and you’re barking up a storm. That’s what dogs do.
Every very like you said earlier a layer of security. Exactly. Having the security system to back them up. You can’t get any better security.
Well a good example of that is there’s three layers of security right there on that same time we had the most fun. Like most things in light that was installed out front. So when it sees motion the lights come on. You know the dogs are barking. Security systems are locked from the front door obviously locked here. Pretty important feature there’s four layers of security right there. You know which are pretty important to be able to take place and have. Most people had to leave the door. But do they use them. Right. I didn’t like the vans I pulled them. So it kind of concerns me is that to them things that were in the van that I would lock around. After. The dogs barking. So I went outside to make sure that was take care.
But in a laso if you are using your security your layers of security and then say you add a security system you all of a sudden have that one more benefit to get the cops there if you need them a lot faster. In the event that someone breaks in the average response time is 23 to 30 seconds.
And I give the variance for the sofort Sometimes it may be a little bit longer. I know it’s kind of funny there was it this Friday evening a belief. My wife had just gotten home and she texted me and told me to was right after the wedding. She’d been home for a little bit.
She put Marjorie down and she had kind of crawled in bed herself and she’d heard you are in the system. She texted me and told me come to the garage and turn the system off. And so I missed that text and I can’t see the front door was there.
Instead it was in since day. Security features
And the keypad is right outside my daughter’s bedroom. And immediately siren went off.
And the amazing thing is she slept through that. I don’t know how she did that is right there.
There are a lot of people say Gone are going to be so loud that kids are going to wake up.
Now I must give to Supervisor an so well the funny thing is she’ll wake up too. When my wife and I are walking through the hallway lose north work look creaking of the floor and that’s because you’re about to stare.
But anyways yeah I set the system off and within 23 to 30 seconds I wasn’t paying attention to the clock but it was still pretty quick.
And so if you’re paying attention to just the tiny little details like my wife was making sure that the security system is armed that layer of security is right there to take care of your your home take care of your tiny details right.
So in a Wasow security you can’t beat the benefits of having somebody on the other end of wherever the wrath in the 6:00 monitoring centers. You’ve got somebody sitting there waiting for something to happen and as soon as that thing happens they’re making a call. Yesterday I had a customer a big warehouse. Obviously it’s not a home security system but at the same time he had a sensor that kept going off and because it kept going off he kept getting called. Now wasn’t an actual break in or anything. No it was not. But what it was will say overhead door that was on the system. And every time it would the wind would blow it just right it would blow it just enough open to where it would tripped the sensor and send a signal and then it would trip again and send the signal. And the weird thing is it was already turned off. I don’t want you to figure that out but. All right. Well we send a signal to the Munder and centered systems turned off cuts and then signal it will go for longer come and cups. Security features
Yeah. Security features
And so kept sending the signal and he’d get a call every time he goes.
I don’t really find that annoying. Be that in fact that I get a call but it is kind of irritating and the fact that it’s shut off and nothing more.
We’re here. Yeah. Security features
And but we went ahead and fix those problems there and then went on about our day. But when it comes to Owasso and home security you kind of want to know if someone’s breached your house. And if you’re not familiar with where in Oklahoma is just north Tulsa Oklahoma on Highway 169 or. So if you’re moving into the area there’s learning subdivisions being built on 76 street in Oregon 86 in Oregon 96 through doors.
On both sides of 169 just north of one just north of just keep the title with witness security. Thank you for listening. Oh that’s just keep them tighter with insecurity and Waqf Oklahoma. We’re talking about home security features and how home security can benefit you and your family will be just protecting your are valuable there.
You know the various things your home security systems can do and basically home security features like we’re talking about a little bit earlier. They can be just as little as being able arm and disarm your system from your phone to the fact that you have somebody sitting there waiting for the the time that something is going to happen whether your front door be breached whether or not your MO whether a spider crawls across your emotion. You want to know if something is taking place in your home. I know I will if if I were to be off work and all of a sudden I get a call saying Hey this is so-and-so from and center and with wit and security and I just wanted to call them find out if emergency assistance is needed. Well what do you mean. Well such and such zone was just tripped and.
Oh OK. Security features
Well at that point is is it just emotion or is there a doctor as well. Well yeah there was actually a door as well. OK.
Yes and the cops just want to take me with you. Mark is facing calls. You need to ask a few questions as to what went off. A lot of people say it was just the alarm Well you know if you don’t ask the questions as to what happened if it’s two things it went off that door and emotion then more than likely it’s the real deal. If you are just one of the one device that went off and then you have to ask that question at that point if you armed it with the motion or not.
But if you armed it with that character when you left then your door went off to. Good chance to motions and go off and work for it to be a real deal.
Yes. Security features
Now some people say they have really big dogs. They did one. What was a couple weeks ago. Got a great day. And. Because I was. If you arm the motion with him inside he’s bigger than some thieves.
So maybe 30 to 50 pounds. Security features
Someone that yeah. Security features
He’s going to be definitely effective inside that motion.
So he don’t want to arm the system in the away mode.
The sole purpose of the motions going to go off. So. And. Also when you have a great dane he’s actually probably better than a motion detector because he can travel throughout the whole house. So you’ve got a life motion detector but when it comes to having that security system you armed the doors. And then he can roam and I’m not sure how great danes are when it comes to someone breaking in your home but for the.
I would imagine the bar would be deep enough to wear them and move on to the next one. He sounds pretty dangerous.
But again I was there when it first came to Tulsa years ago.
They had great games with great danes.
But many people in the hospital if and I think you had told me about you’re going to go into detail on.
It got me out. Do we normally do and we do have to do security system we do what we call a doctor fire where all the doors are located where you want to be most effective where you like at the keypad. Oh and by the way it works the telephone locator because back then you have to do the telephone. So she turned it down over and as I went out the back door. Security features
We found the telephone line and it was rather wired that came back in time and she kept at me just the day after the door walking back out if you are if you didn’t think that I had left. It’s an answer. She said oh yeah by the way don’t go in the back yard without let me know. And I said why. There’s a great dane in the back. They put many of people who are fearful. I don’t want that happening for you to let me know.
Because I just can’t just keep them there and she said Oh air conditioner must be going on in the barn.
Are Back. Where were they sweet. And I mean I’ve heard you say that’s good.
Because they’re very dangerous stuff and they’re just get it right. There aren’t any.
And heard across this past week I think we ran across three people every day and it’s kind of funny when we get into various homes. There are some things that I’ve encountered throughout the years as we’re doing home security systems it was Oklahoma. If you find that there you know the names of the people that we come in contact with that that are so it seems as if they all have the same start with the same letter.
You know like the answer as to whatever we all have the same letter that they start with throughout the week when you’re working with them they all have the same types of dark hair when you’re going into their homes. Security features
Right. It’s just interesting how you know that happens and I’m.
Not sure as to why it’s just kind of Cancun in some cases when it comes to security in a so kind of got off on a little bit of a rebel travel. It’s totally worth it. And also security just again talking about features of security. Now you can have a security system.
There’s other features that you can have such as I know myself I like the fact that we have Holly bushes around my house. I like the fact knowing that no Peeping Tom is going to be able to be looking in the windows and have a comfortable time while they’re doing so.
Talking to a friend of mine last year or yesterday and he was telling me about how his dad years ago when they first got married. His dad is no tiny fella. His dad six foot six and has dinner plates for hands.
That’s not a not a tiny fella. And he was telling me how his dad comes in through into the bedroom and his wife is already getting change for bed and she’s sitting there the computer and.
He noticed or he noticed as he walked by the bedroom window there happened to be a face in the window so he nonchalantly I mean he he didn’t give notice to that person.
Got to run to the corner and turned to his wife and he said shut the light off. She’s sitting there in her bra and panties and she said she looked at him and she thought he was joking. She goes No Berkin and she probably thought he was want to get busy. And.
He says shut the light off. She says no. And he says to his wife.
And just look at me in the eyes.
She goes OK good shut the light off. So she reaches over and shut the next thing you know.
Get over to the other side of the house had two windows in her bedroom and got to the other bedroom window and opened up looked out the window and got around inside. By that time because of the light being shut off the guy took off. But by the time he’d gotten around to the side he had gotten to the end of the house. He hauled that off after the guy and the guy got to chase the guy all the way to his house which was by a street over and a couple of doors down. And called the cops cops wouldn’t do anything. Because he didn’t harm anybody but at that point if he had gotten the guy and probably if he began to beat the living tar out of the guy. But when it comes to security I know myself cameras would have been a awesome coverage of security in that.
Instance. Right. Security features
But that is a layer of security a security feature that we as homeowners can have. And for that matter we cover up a good amount of rentals as well. So you don’t have to be a homeowner to have a one of our security features that we can add.
Exactly. And here we are we’re we’re also going Iowa. If you’re not exactly sure where it was though it was located in north of tougher. On Highway 169. And if you’re trying to get a hold of it or just google those home security or the home security and we come. Security featuresSecurity features
Right pretty high on Google. So give us a call. For Dr. Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in a wasso Oklahoma.
And today we’re talking about security features one of those security features like I said in the last segment was having holly bushes. Now we do install security systems. We do install camera security systems. We do not install holly bush security system and they’re nice to have. But you would have to call the lawn maintenance company. I don’t have any to recommend but when it comes to that type of security you need to call those guys. And then also having a good lock system. Again we aren’t locksmith’s But whenever it comes to locks locks are more to keep honest people honest we always kind of joke about the fact that some people leave their doors unlocked and back in the day. Whenever Keith was a kid and my mom was a kid that was not uncommon to leave your doors unlocked.
But now we’re at a day in age where you really can’t because honest people are a thing of the past almost exactly the thing you need to keep in mind is you know even when you have employees the majority of your employees are going to steal from you.
The fact of the matter employees. You also as a kid that has done this in the past your kids are going to. Want to steal a little bit of candy or. I know. When I was a kid. I was supposed to be doing. I was home schooled. I was supposed to be doing home school work in the living room and supposed to be sitting there moms taking a nap she had worked all night. Security features
Dad was at work. And so my brothers and sister are my brother and sisters we’re supposed to be there as well and he said Hey guys I know of some candy it’s hidden between the fridge reader and the wall. We
can go get so mom will never know she’s dead asleep. So
we did. We got a couple of pieces of chocolate. And little while later that chocolate became it. It was still probably an aftertaste and it was on the edge of our minds. And each of us got a couple of pieces each. Security features
And the first time and so one of them probably said to me hey do you want a couple more peas. Oh yeah that sounds like a good idea.
So we lucked up and it was a little long. Percy means the little Mr. Goodbar is in the crack of ours.
And so it was probably what 75 to 100 pieces in a bag. I don’t know. We’re sitting there and each of us are getting up pieces of the time and all of a sudden you don’t have any left. The bag was only like five or six pieces left. We were like oh no how are we going to describe this to Mom. We’re just going to put it back look we didn’t know that it was almost gone. Fair enough. If your mom got up from her nap and she was craving some chocolate and she woke up and all of a sudden all the talk was gone she probably checked it before she took a nap she has one piece then two and a half and it just so happened she. Came in and looked in oh no oh it’s gone. Tyler she calls me and.
I got in some serious trouble when it comes to security. Not everybody is honest. You’re going to have people that are employees you’re going to have kids that want to sneak out of the house when they’ve been grounded and said you need to stay in the house and you need to stay in your room. In the past I know myself I’ve set up security systems to keep people in instead of just keep people out.
In fact any more people want to contact your windows. That’s to keep people in yes I know quite frequently you are have asked that question or keep people out. And and that’s very common.
You also can do door into your door gun cabinet. You can do liquor cabinets liquor cabinets and things like that medicine cabinet or make sure that you can contact these things and you think that is your alarm will go off when. The system is either deformed or are used to when do you want to think that that the advantage of that is being able to again be able to. Monitor the activity that’s going on around your home.
Well you said medicine cabinets had a friend years ago that he got a security system because his brother in law’s girlfriend says his sisters or his wife’s brother’s girlfriend they were living with him at the time. And just so happened and she kind of had a little bit of a drug problem. And if they had had a sensor on the medicine cabinet like they put on after we got done with the system then she could or he could have nailed down whether or not she was actually taking his meds or not.
But they couldn’t really guarantee. So they went ahead and asked us to put on or put a sensor on the medicine cabinet just to see. Right. And when when she actually did that card. But the thing is if they hadn’t put that sensor on they would have never known. But basically a lot of times you have in your mind someone is taking like I said earlier the chocolate someone is taking this. And I don’t know who it is or I think I know who it is and at times you’re probably getting angry to the fact that. All right. If you just ask I’d probably give it to you. Now when it comes to meds probably not. But when it comes to the chocolate if I just asked Mom what are probably give to me. She probably wouldn’t give me the whole bag like my sister or brother and sisters did take but she would have probably given us a couple of pieces. And but we didn’t ask. And that’s where keeping honest people honest is how sick the layers of security features help.
And except for when it was the Oklahoma doctor of our home security.

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