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Good morning, this is Tyler with witness Security in the last episode that I did was about just going on vacation and knowing that your home is secure. If you go on vacation and you had a camera system and you wanted to make sure that your home is secure that way, we can definitely cover your home and give you a good amount of time of recorded video to make sure that when you’re gone, that You’Re going to have plenty of plenty of times day time to record it may sound funny. I can’t remember the words and I’m trying to spit out its about 6 in the morning right now and no I’m just not totally awake, but when it comes to security cameras, you can easily be able to view those cameras away from home whenever your say year, Like I was in Rapid City, South Dakota and View and Mount Rushmore, and all of that had a great time – and I never worried about what was going on with my house, because I could, just with a few clicks, be able to look into my cameras and See that not everything is okay, and so what happens with most people? Is they don’t have the security camera system, so they may be on vacation and they may be a little bit worried that something may happen to their home, where, if you had a camera system and a security system that intertwine together so that they know or that You know that if, if you’re broken in two, you could quick pull it pull up cameras and see who it might be and at the same time, on the flip side, when the security system was breached, you then know exactly the time stamp that they broke into Your home, where, with most places most security companies, you do not have that time stamp because, most times they don’t try and get you to get both systems wear with us. What kind of want you to so that you know and you’re covered on both points where in Tulsa we’re not in a super bad area, but then again, crying doesn’t have an address. So if you were looking for Home Security, if you are looking for home security cameras, then the ideas don’t look any further. You can check out the company’s out. You can look at the reviews. You can look at our refuse, but you’re going to find that witness security has the best reviews in the Tulsa area. You’Re also going to find witness security has the best response time in Tulsa area. You’Re also going to find that witness security has the best customer service that comes to home security systems and cameras in the Tulsa area. How can we have all three points in that? Because we have a 24 hour customer service, where we answer your phones, 24 hours? A day 7 days a week, how do we have customer reviews that people write about us constantly saying these guys are amazing? How these guys do everything that they say they’re going to do, because no one else in the area says or does what they say: they’re going to do matter-of-factly most times they say they’re going to do one thing and they do to totally the other. And so that’s how witness security has built their name and built our name around the fact that we just take care of people and we’ve got this mindset that we take care of people and the people that we take care of our going to take care of You and bye take care brass, I mean financially, so the mindset is, we take care of people and they’ll take care of us. So when it comes to your home security system and what you have that you may need there and weather be in the Tulsa Metro or the Owasso area or Broken Arrow or Sand Springs, it doesn’t matter what we’re in the Tulsa area about 30 miles from our Office we take care of all of those people and we don’t have any problem doing it, because we just love taking care of people, so just getting back from vacation, and there was never a time that I was worried. His is my house. Okay know, if wonder: if I was out of town – and I was – and I had my system go off, all I have would have had to do is call Keith the owner of witness security and he would have jumped in his car and ran over and check The house out, along with the cops here, probably met the cops here at my house, but the the ideas he’ll do that for every single one of our customers a lot of times. If someone doesn’t have a family member here in town, we are on the call list and we just or your friend we’re not just a another company taking care of you wear a friend to you to make sure that you know you have. If I need them. I’Ve got them if, if I need them the hop in the car and head straight over, that is what witness security is all about. So if you have any security needs, security would be happy to take care of them. Give us a call at 918-289-0880 and or check cuz, I’m on the web. Look up, Google and just look at our reviews, see what we have when it comes to reviews and what our customers have raved about, and I said Rave if you were to look and see reviews you’d see that there’s no competition, everybody else they when it comes To reviews they they really don’t want you to read the reviews, everybody else when it comes to their Better Business Bureau. They hope you don’t look now, there’s one company. I know that they do have a good, Better Business Bureau rating, that’s because they pay for it. Where we don’t pay for ours, and yet we have an A rating. So when it comes to home security, if you are looking for Home Security, give us a try, give us a call at 918-289-0800 and check us out about one of my phone. Girls will answer the phone and explain what we do. Give you 6 points as to what we do better than any other company in the area. I know that one of the things that she’ll say is that we have an average of 12.9 seconds from the time that the system goes off till the time that you’re getting a call. I know the chill also say we have six monitoring centers. All of them get the call at the exact same time and that’s how our speed is so much faster than anybody else in the area. I know that she’s also going to say just checking, check out a reviews and you’ll see that witness security is by far thought the best in the industry in the Tulsa area. I know that she’ll also say that were locally owned and operated. So when it comes to home security, those are few things that you can look forward to. If you were to ever come on with witness security and use us as a company to monitor your home, we would be honored to come into your home and take care of you and your family or you and your home Kansas Tyler with witness security. And I just talking about home security systems and going on vacation.

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