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With The rate of crime and the need of home security, we’re going to be talking about agreements this morning, agreements that are documents that are signed by customers in beginning of her home security system. It’S been said for years that the only way to really do it alarm agreement was to have a three-year agreement and and now they’re, making a five-year agreement yeah it’s kind of a misnomer to some degree for your alarm companies. They always say that the only way to make any money is on there monitoring and that’s true. That is the only way we making money is on our monitoring, and it’s true and the fact that, when an alarm company is have to make a profit, just like any other business, you have to make a profit. It’S going to make their money on the monetary. Well, that all of that is true, and but the simple fact that they will do it for a low cost of front and we’re not making any money at all around 4:15 22 months. That’S true as well, especially when you’re doing with your a virtually no front. No money up front, but the problem with that is people don’t like to work for free, so you have employees now it we’re not talking about the company we’re talking about employee. You have to have him fleas in order to work, and in order to do the work those employees need to get paid. So what happens is the monitoring for the alarm company when agreement these employees don’t have any real vested interest in the fact that outside of their working for a paycheck, so these ideas in mind you don’t sound good when you’re from the perspective from somebody that has Never been monitoring before, but the whole point of everything is the company’s got to be able to turn a profit or else if the company doesn’t turn a profit and there’s no way for the company to continue to survive. The block me the witness security uses. Is you purchase the equipment? Then there is no contract and by having no contract whenever you called and needs serviced, somebody will always be available when you have a contract, because there’s no vested interest when you call for assistance after hours, weekends and holidays you’re not going to get any assistance because There’S no money to be made and they’d rather not deal with you until after their profit made. So there’s a conflict there, because even though no company intends to put any equipment – and it is going to be faulty, there is always going to be something that customer has a question or doesn’t history know how to work the system? It’S not that it’s. They have a question and because of that question is if the equipment is faulty. That’S the reason why I’m witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma, because when we saw her home security system, we don’t make much money on the equipment up front, but we have at least broke even on the equipment. And then there is still money to be made on the monitoring. Aldara equipment itself quite frequently reaches pretty close to in the equipment and during the month of September, witness Security provide seven three months of monitoring now granted. It sounds a little bit like a contradiction to some degree, but it’s not your own. The equipment we sell our is literally close to a break-even. So after 7 months of you using the equipment and being able to have all of the bells and whistles that are available, then once you start paying for the monitoring you’re not going to want to switch, because you have everything and more than likely, if you were To extrapolate it out over a 36-month agreement like you have to do with any other monitoring alarm company yo usually be saving hundreds of dollars. So why not go with the company? That’S going to answer the phone be available and take care of you, and you know that things are going to be taken care of when the time should have rides at you may need it witness.. He has been located and talk to her for the past 8 years and we’ve been operating in a row. Locally-Owned, look: we operating company how to get a cup car drink coffee. There we’ve been looking located, operated in Tulsa Oklahoma for 8 years and we’ve been doing so very easily on a no-contract and it’s always been that way: no contract that we would do an agreement with a few people here and there. But for the most part we stopped doing that because, unfortunately, if there’s no vested interest in somebody and quite frankly, they will not complete the agreement and I have no intention taking buddy to court. So I stopped doing that all together. We just simply take care of people. People purchase the equipment, we monitor it and people are happy with the entire surrounding community of Tulsa Oklahoma. If you were to go to Owasso and Jinx and Sand Springs, Glenpool, Bixby, Claremore and Coweta all of these surrounding areas, including Sand Springs, we serve all of those communities and we do so very easily and respond to people within less than 24 hours. If a person has to be dispatched to be able to go out and take care of something as necessary, your witness curity, as always endeavored to drive to do and use the very best equipment have the best services available to anybody. That’S willing to purchase it now. It’S important to note that Witness curity, if somebody ever has a question after hours and weekends or holidays. You know if they’ve been with us for even sometimes a day, and you just give me a call and tell me he’s going to answer the phone, because we have 3 different people to answer. The phones in the event to one may be on the phone it’ll roll to a second person and third person shouldn’t ever have a situation where somebody will never answer the phone after hours, weekends and Holiday, because witness Carrie wants to make sure that our customers are Taking care of 24 7 because it’s a service relative industry and because it’s security, your peace of mind, that people have to have in order to be able to rest peaceably winning scary, it’s driving to do and be the best in Tulsa. And if you’re. Looking for a home security system and Tulsa okay and we’re even a camera system, witness Security provide those services to you after most competitive price, with the most service available doctor where to find it, Google Tulsa home security and you’ll find witness security has the most views And the battery is there any company in town? Thank you for listening.

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