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this is Keith with the security and Tulsa Oklahoma. We are going to be talking about home security systems here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the need for a security system. Alarm permit alarm permits are required in the City of Tulsa, in the city of Sapulpa and in the city of Broken Arrow and soon-to-be. The city of Owasso, here in Oklahoma City permits, are required in order for the police to respond in the event of a car alarm going off. How that necessarily work is when the alarm system goes off. The monitor will call you andask you. If emergency assistance is needed here in the surrounding communities of Tulsa Sapulpa and Broken Arrow, no walkthrough, and also in all of the other communities in the surrounding areas of Tulsa, Oklahoma to Glenpool, Dixie, Coweta and so on and so forth. But these other cities do not yet require a alarm permit for the police to respond. What I mean by that is a lot of people are not aware of the fact that in the City of Tulsa Sapulpa and Broken Arrow on going to be a while. So I don’t want, it is required for the police to respond. So when they are monitoring stations are talking to you and you tell them that you’d like to have the police to be dispatched. They will turn and nail dispatch the police. However, you do not have a city permit with the city’s, then more than likely they will give you a call back and tell you they cannot dispatch, because you do not have a permit on file how to get a permit in the city of Tulsa football player. Broken Arrow and or walk away contact you can contact each individual City and get the forms and fill them out of paper City permit or you can contact us here, witness security and we will provide the city permit for you and information that we have to have On there, such as our address for license number and everything, and so therefore the police, all the information will be on there for you to get it taken care of what most people do not necessarily understand is this: permit have to be renewed every year, and usually It takes place between September and October. Are the city will send you back in new either via email or snail mail? They will send you another permit to fill out and send back in with your payment so that you can keep it current, and I get this phone call just about our office. Get this phone call just about every day that they didn’t know they had to have a city permit and when we set up the system originally right on the first page of our of the actual agreement, you’ll see some of the biggest prints on page. Is it good if you live in these various cities are going to be required to have a city permit it’s a forgotten thing, because most of your homeowners are busy doing other things and for gifted young do you have to have a city permit and from time To time the city will forget to send out a a renewal for you, so you could go a year without having a city permit renewed because they overlooked you when they were sending out new renewals. It happens from time to time. We have to take care of so it does happen. It doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen. So if you live in the city of Tulsa and you have a home security system here in the City of Tulsa, you need to have home security permit on file as well as in Sapulpa or Broken Arrow and, like I said soon to be a walkover, because The wacco is now putting in motion to get a city permit for the individual residents of Owasso. It has been in the past. Owasso would have the city permits went to the alarm companies themselves. However, I’ve seen an article sister they’re putting together and they pass the law that, I guess, you’d call it a law that requires it’s going to be, requiring that the residents have the city permit instead of two companies and now the only reason why I’m sitting through This, for the really the most part, it’s a financial thing because of the false alarms at take place for home security systems, the police are trying to compensate some. I guess you could say losses from going out and responding to false alarms so that they get some recuperating money back from responding to false alarm, and that is the reason why they do the city. Permit your own. Many people used to think that some cells were the alarm companies in cells, making more money more money off the top per year, and that’s not the case. It’S really the city that is requiring permit and it’s important to make sure that you have one on file. If you want the police to respond home security systems in Tulsa, Sapulpa and home security systems in Broken Arrow, these are required. For the like. I said the main reason orders for the police to respond and most of your kitties are getting more and more a day to checking these permits before they dispatch the police dispatch. The authorities air prior to the dispatcher and throw here have a security system in these areas, whether you’re, with witness security or with any other home security company. I’Ll make sure you have a home, 6:30 or city permit, and you have to have them for businesses as well. So if you have a security system in any one of these communities, such as Tulsa, Sapulpa and Broken Arrow, and soon to be a while so make sure you get it home security permit. This is a Keith witness. Security in Tulsa Oklahoma will serve the surrounding communities of Oklahoma, Collinsville, El Jenks, Oklahoma, Glenpool, yalgaar, Coweta, Claremore, Catoosa and Sapulpa Sand Springs. All of these communities is what we provide services to and these communities in need of a home security system. It’S really easy to find it to Google Tulsa home security, and you will find witness security has the most reviews and the best reviews V2 company in town, if you’re looking for a home security company that does not provide, does not require a contract with security doesn’t Require contract, nor do we require credit checks. The benefit from this is real simple. If you are a renter, then without a contract you’re able to get a home security system installed and and or landlord, we also during the month of September, we are providing 7 free months of monitor. So, if you’re interested in a home security system – and you live in these communities, we like, after nearly come out with a free consultation and talk to you and see how witness security, which has the best margarita in the country and provide services to you. Thank you for listening.

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