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We are talking about home security systems here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and some of the things required in order to have a home security system and the Tulsa surrounding areas, and some people are the best questions, meaning of time as to whether or not they need a home Security alarm permit, and the answer is yes and there’s three different communities in the Tulsa surrounding area that require an alarm permit. The alarm permits are for the purpose for the police to respond in the event that there is a law on taking place at your house and or your business permit, that are set up through the various communities such as Tulsa, Broken Arrow and Sapulpa. And soon to be a wacko are set up and designed so that the other cities are recovery from losses. I guess you call it gas and of responding to false alarms. The objective is to be able to make sure the alarm systems are not having false. That’S the whole purpose behind. It is to make sure that there’s fewer false alarms that are being dispatched, the van so that the police are not responding to alarm 6 are not actual alarms going off because of burglary the cities and sells it cost different for every community of Aleve. Tulsa is 35 for a resident 75 for commercial property and the City of Sapulpa a little bit left in the city of Broken Arrow. I’M not exactly sure there are other cities such as Sapulpa. I require more for a business or not as I’m looking at here for the city of Sapulpa and also for the city of Broken Arrow menu. See if I can look it up as well. City of Broken Arrow coming up here is: is the original cost for a different one on here for for 5 years, so it’s different for commercial properties doesn’t look like it’s any different for the proper or for Broken Arrow. You have to have the address where the alarm is going to be in you obviously, and your email address for Renewal notification, because they’re probably going to the start instead of doing snail mail all the time. All this is the City of Tulsa, anyway, they’re, probably going to be only sending them via email, Harold, the renewal rather than through Snellville when it comes to – and you also need address to for the alarm company and their license will be required as well. During an in you need basically the same information you got to have your your name, your address and the alarm company and that installed, and then you also monitoring alarm company address and phone number as well. These necessary information do you have to have in order to be able to issue you a city. Permit is a necessary item, for you to be over. There are very few, are, with witness security right on our website. You’Ll be able to get these city permits and with the information that we’ve already provided already printed on to the city permit, so you can print it off and have the necessary information. You need from Wicked security to be able to reflector city permits for Broken Arrow. Sapulpa in Tulsa your mailman to the city of respecting City. When it comes to Broken Arrow, you have to have just the alarm company that would be our company and addressing are such and then, like. I said before in Broken Arrow today has a benefit for five years on for 5 years, which is a substantial discount. If you’re going to get a city permit, which city is actually made it to work affordable, you have to have it Broken Arrow on the pulpit. Have that, in order for the police to respond, you got to have it so you’re interested in a home security system and you’re, not exactly sure which company to work with security doesn’t report require and Nord we require a credit check. Free Bo get a home security system when it comes to the monitoring itself, with a security has six different monitoring stations located throughout the country. All six stations receive the signals at the same time, in the past 12 months been 12.9 seconds. In the event that your alarm goes off, the monitoring station will be giving you a call, and that average, and we can probably never had any response time of less than 25 seconds on priority alarm. 2. Past 35 years from yesterday, I got a phone call from somebody who said he hadn’t got a phone call history and come to find out. It was pretty difficult to be able to get a phone call. If, when you change your phone number and you don’t contact us – and let us know that you change your phone number, then obviously you’re not going to get a phone call at that phone number that you have now. So if you’re the kind of person to change number periodically, then you need to also make sure that you contact witness security, and let us know that you change your phone number so that we can get it into the monitoring station and make sure those phone numbers Are accurate from time to time we will call each and every individual client and make sure that all of our information is correct. Now one thing with witness security when it comes to dispatching on alarm witness security does not allow the monitoring station to see the pass codes that are in the MARC train station guitar the monitoring Station Camp. Coax you into our life coach. You help you in Remembering your passcode, because a lot of burglaries take place in your own from family members. Then now they might be able to remember your what your code might be because their family members or their related. So if you happen to have some sort of a disagreement with a family member – and you call us up – and you change your passcode – then again no way damn it would pick up the phone help them figure out what the passcode is, because they cannot see any Package, can I place a fairy when it comes to home security error, small business, because the average or the vast majority of break-ins to take place are because you have family members that are breaking in and just got a call this morning from individuals at 6:30. In the morning wanting to know, if you could alarm at 12:40, just so happens if the Sunday morning that we’re doing that soon we don’t work on Sundays, are for the most part, and so no we couldn’t install it. We can get it scheduled. You’Re interested at home security system in Tulsa and surrounding areas, and you not exactly sure who to contact to start in Tulsa, home security and you’ll, find a witness.. He has the best reviews and the motor view of any company in town. Thank you very much.

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