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Hello, this is Keith with the security we are going to talking about your Tulsa Home Security, other reasons for getting a home security system, the reasons for choosing the various types of technology for communications and how a home security system can better assist you in your everyday Life birthday reasons for getting a home security systems in many cases far outweigh the reasons not to get a home security system first and foremost provides the Peace of Mind necessary in order for your family to know, you’re safe there, safe and secure when home security system Is armed and all set to be able to go off if somebody were to come into the home and provide you with the adequate amount of time to be able to get out of bed and go address the situation? What that does is it provides the the noise notified, the burger that is been noticed. I know I’d also notify the homeowner that your own somebody is in the hole. So with that being said, burgers for the most part don’t want to be. No, they want to be able to do what they do without any interruption, and it’s getting to the point. Now our burgers are breaking into more and more homes. When the people are present in the home, this year, loan probably had more appointment that I’ve done out to where people have been in the home while they were being broken into, probably the most I’ve ever had it since 2017 and the most appointment I’ve ever had In one year, were people have been in home when they been broken into? Nothing is more unnerving and to hear noises out in the kitchen and living room, and you think it might be your children and when you get off you realize it’s, not your children. It’S somebody else that is under be home to be able to wake up and then have to dress a total stranger in your house in the middle of the night, and also at that point it’s one of those things that you just feel real violent violated and Now you can’t sleep well at all, so home security systems provide that piece of mind to where it’s going to be difficult for somebody to get into your home and you’ll be alerted by annoyed or something and quite frequently, people never wake up. I’Ve been on me appointment were days, come home and discovered it. Your major appliances and or tools have are no longer there at the house you’re in the night, and yet that was the last thing that touch when it was before they went to bed. I’M talking about whole computer, desktop computers and various items that are not your you’re, just a simple thing: to miss a big item that was taken out of her bedroom and or an office. Why you’re, just in the other room, dropped the night here on that sort of thing is unnerving and so peace of mind? You know, as far as reasons to get far outweigh the reasons why not to get a hold of your system does things people at that point can rest peacefully again, and so, therefore, as far as reasons not reasons to get a security system is a free piece Of mind, but it gives you the ability to be able to understand what is taking place around your house 24/7 and as a homeowner and or even a business owner. Knowing what takes place around here, your business and your home goes a long way. You have to be able to take care of things properly and provide the Peace of Mind necessary here, family to know that you’re, just being responsible and also another reason you want to get a home security system is the home automation platform. There is available through witness security here in Tulsa Oklahoma and that home automation platform provides you the ability to be able to arm and disarm the system. That’S what gives you the ability to find out who’s coming and going at any given every time the system’s arms and or disarmed you can have set up to where your sons or daughters, friends come over a certain powers, your new truck time, you can provide them A code that will only work during their here on certain hours, so they’re not allowed in when you’re, not pregnant, and you can also set it up to where you can have Sam made, is comes in through certain days of the week. In certain hours, you provide a code that will only work during those days that she plans to come to clean your house, not as far as whether or not the system can provide the necessary need for your own reasons, and it also send a text to be Of it is being able to Second how the system can work for you for the most part for Fairview Elementary, the alarm system will go off in the event the alarm goes is activate trigger will be dispatched. That’S how the system itself works for you. As far as Communications are comparing what you need to be paying attention to your landline, telephones have gotten to the point where sometimes it works, and sometimes it don’t some of your system and what most people don’t realize is Wi-Fi, isn’t near as reliable as you might Think it is even though, when you get on your smartphone and you begin to car search the web and you’re able to get on there and see very things on the web. Sometimes it takes a moment or two for to download. So that means your internet is slightly hesitating from from time to time, and you have no idea when it’s going to do that, so what security system it didn’t need to be ready on demand. The only way they can do that as cellular. So that way on demand, it’s going to communicate. That is far as how that system is going to be able to assist you in your everyday life here on the home security systems. Here in Tulsa Oklahoma have the ability to be able to operate your appliances and home thermostat garage door. Module able to get a lot of ladies leave the curling iron on, so you plug in a Z-Wave module in from your for your curling iron and while you’re on your way to work, you can turn the curling iron off. If you forgot yo, it’s so many different things that can be applied to the security systems today that before he should be somewhat of a new turn. The system on and off now it’s more of a convenience to be able to use your system and provide information to you. So then you’re able to better take care of your family. Better Health in Grafton understand how you were able to watch over them and protect them as the protector of the home. When are you looking for a home security system in Tulsa Oklahoma, take a little bit of time and do some due diligence and type in Tulsa. And you’ll find that witness security has the very most reviews and the best reviews of any company in town? We. Thank you very much for listening and have a wonderful day.

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