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Witness security – we are located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding communities of Tulsa Oklahoma in Owasso, and we are going to be talking about yeah. Just the way, the value of whether or not you should get a home security system. Home security systems are have back, become the necessity when you come get home or, if you better home for a little while your determine whether or not it should be an important thing to do home security systems are great a piece of Mind. Most people just cannot go without Hill burglaries take place anywhere. It’S between our two and three minutes. Every day, you’re all day long in Tulsa, Oklahoma, every 2 to 3 minutes somebody’s going to get broken into during the hours of 10 in the morning and 3. In the afternoon, instead of 24 hour., So you’re breaking through taking place 59 % more during the hours that you and the kids are gone from school, then the likelihood of sometime it’s going to happen to virtually everybody, everybody every three to three minutes, somebody’s going to Get broken into when that event is going to take place in your home, and then you have to think about your, never anybody ever I ever visit just about every day. I talk to somebody that gets home or wants to get home security system because it’s happened to them and they ask themselves. I should have done this a long time ago. I had no idea it could be affordable and I had no idea of all the various things it could be done with a home security system and some people on the side when they could be getting a system that does much more than just a home. Automation features the security systems of security, provides, provides you the ability to be able to also operate your home home and do various things in your home. You know that will provide you the ability to be able to control your thermostat being able to operate your garage door, locks light with a home security system that we can security, provides attention to when you’re thinking about your iPad, it’s important to be able to go With the company, that’s local, local and then can be able to provide the services to you necessary that you can get hold of somebody. It’S very common. When you talk to people, if they’ve had problems with the security system they had in place, and they cannot seem to get ahold of the company after it’s already been installed, and probably the number one complaint of just about anybody when they get some sort of a Service installed and then they can’t seem to get ahold of the company to come out and maintainer security being a local company and we’re just a phone call away one of the major benefits of going with witness security, as we have 24 7 tech support 24/7 text. Corinne get a hold of a hold of somebody, a live person, technician that can help. You assist you with your alarm system, whether it’s that simple is working with your account need to change your password need to see. If you can change the code to send in the system itself, y’all can’t figure out why the system or are they? Do you set the alarm off in a real thing to take place tonight somebody gives security somebody’s available 24/7 important. We have six different monitoring stations located throughout the country. All six stations receive the signals. At the same time, it’s really just a matter of which one picked up. First 12 months is in 12.9 seconds 12.9 seconds from time. The alarm goes off. The alarm. Marta train station calls you that’s enough time for you to give you a little gift of the keypad. If you set it off by accident and put your coat in, look for your phone and pick it up and answer it. 12.9 seconds is an extremely fast time for the sole purpose of people throughout the years would be 12.9 seconds. Is the fastest I’ve ever seen, Fremont train station to consistently call their clients, and this is over at 12 months. What happened 64 monitoring stations? How did they do that? It’S really simple: all six monitoring stations are in network together so that when the alarm goes off all six and in the event of some catastrophic event, for example, and taking the coast of for hit the coast of Florida in 2017 – and it has flooded a massive Amount of the area your I haven’t, heard whether or not the monitoring stations closed, but that doesn’t really make any difference work for we bring in additional operators in all of the other five stations located throughout the country to compensate for loss of operators that made out Of work, operators with the evacuated locked out would have relocated to one of the other fire stations in till are taking to work, so give the ability for those operators to still be able to work that, though they were evacuated from their homes until the water recedes And they can do some repairs on their home yo. Witness security has the ability to be able to respond in the fastest way possible. It’S really important to be able to know that, when your alarm system, it’s going to work, I would say it’s: one of the major benefits is just at the monitoring stations going to do what it’s supposed to do, also with witness security. If we don’t do any kind of credit check, that’s going to affect your credit. So, if you’re concerned, if you want to guard your credit and or maybe your credit may not be so good, are you had some difficulty with the hospital bills and things like that? Are your credit? Is there a second to the point where your credit may not be so well, it doesn’t make any difference as long as you set up with us and we were. We have seven free month of March payment for seven whole month after the security system installed. Gravel. Doesn’T have the interactive app on your phone and all of the major features that you like to be able to utilize is right at your fingertips right on your phone. So it’s really important to know these things. These differences in Temple in the fact that we also do not have any kind of a monitoring agreement, no monitoring agreement at all. You can cancel your service to anytime 30 days, give it to an email in 30 days later you’re down and out of mind of knowing that you’re not ever going to be bound by an agreement. Major unique different security. Ornamental September 19th, we had seven free month of March rain. Give us a call for a free consultation like be able to come out and take care of you provide the peace of mind. You can’t go without. Thank you for listening.

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