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Security, we are talking about home security systems here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the reasons for getting a security system and getting a home security system, and that is a home security camera system. They work hand-in-hand with a actual alarm system and people call up and they want to know if they can get a security system and what they’re referring to is a camera system, not an alarm system that We are you more interested in a camera system or you More interested in a alarm system: that’s going to go off if it’s somebody opens the door when it comes to securecameras. There is some things we’re in 2017 and September 2017 in the last year. Long about I’d say this time. Last year no equipment came out. That was 4 megapixel cameras, 4 megapixel cameras are much better than 1080P and their wide-angle lens so that you get about a hundred and six degrees in battle dome, so you’re not going to tamper with the lens to our damage it without making a pretty serious effort Of banging on, it was throwing something at it extensively in order to heal the damage. Yet so, therefore, your own cameras in showers will are very durable and then, at the same time, not only are they durable to physical somebody physically trying to damage them to be able to withstand a hurricane and they’re not going to get wet your you can dip Them into water and go right back out and they’re not going to have get water inside of them. So they’re really well. Weather-Resistant know the cameras. We carrier, Hikvision cameras. So if you’re looking to see what kind of cameras would be good for your home, you know you’re going to want to buy a cat is going to last more than 3 years, so that that way, if you were to buy a camera from a box door, They’Re not designed to last any more than or maybe a year, you know after you spend the time and effort to install the system and the equipment there comes with it to install it. The cables and things are very cheap and how they’re made no they’re not designed to laugh really like the time they’re not designed to be able to cover your own anyhow. It is more than 1,500 square feet because the cables that they have to be able to adequately cover and get to your house without our paper onto the ceiling, and it just look tacky when it’s installed would witness security. We’Ve been in business for a little over 8 years in Tulsa Oklahoma, professional installations. When it comes to home security know all the cables will be up inside your attic and or in the walls, so that there is no visible, no cables or running from it’s. A professional installation no different when you call an electrician out or plumber out or anything like that. It’S a professional installation, y’all are here on a regular basis. Are you do you really want somebody just coming in and punching holes in your house? Well, do you really want that like to be installed in the back, porch or yeah? Then yes, we’re going to have to punch a hole in your house just the way it is. Do you want the toilet to be installed like I just installed it? I moved master bedroom bathroom over so I had to move the toilet and bathroom in the bathtub over. So I can Canton concrete and things like that, but it’s what was expected if you’re going to have it professionally installed, then Daddy’s. What’S expected, it’s not that big! A deal, but it is important to be able to get somebody that knows what they’re doing here are with witness security. We’Ve been in business for more than eight years, but I’ve been in the industry and majority of the staff with witness. Been in the industry for Xbox of 50 years of experience. So when there was no such thing as wireless devices, we’ve been installing Hardware devices. We started in the industry, so fishing wire down walls and doing it without any evasive, no damage to your house. You know when we get done it’s just the way it oughta be done professionally, installed and work. You know when you’re going to pay for something to be installed into your home and I’m not going to say that the security cameras that witness security installs are cheap, cuz they’re, not very good. If you were to go to a casino would be the same kind of cameras that you would have any casino, y’all, very good, be able to digitally zoom in on different items. I get a lot of requests for people wanting to be able to see license plate. You can do that, but the kind of cameras you were going to get with that are going to be probably outside of your budget, and I can say that with confidence that security license plate quite frequently in black and white, they have to be able to see The contract so that they can see the license plate number quite frequently again, if you’re, going to if you’re wanting license plates, be able to get a license plate for fees is not necessarily that important, because most of your thieves are not necessarily driving the vehicle that Belongs to them, you know they probably stole it as well so and where they cover it up cover up the license plate with some mud, and all you have to do is cover up one number and your license plate is no. You can’t tell what it is and what number was some mud and dirt and and it’s covered and you don’t have to can’t, do anything with it. So it’s not all that important to get the license plate, but it is important to get the make and model of the vehicle and be able to better identify the individual. That part is really important to be able to camp when you’re getting a home security. Camera system installed, you don’t walk around your house and see the various places you like I’ve covered and do a little bit of research as to what you think of the important you’re the cameras we install have the infrared in there and also their luck on the Camera and that’s when the infrared light comes on your comes on at a very lower rate than some of the other cameras. So therefore, with a little bit of love, you able to keep those cameras and color in the longer those cameras, tan color. The higher resolution for the cameras – no just keep these things in mind. If you need to add some addition to your house, it would be a wise thing to do if you’re going to be buying and installing a camera system for witness security. Like I said, it’s not cheap, but they are very good and the cameras that we install and we also serve as her camera and network them to where they can get them onto your phone. You don’t witness, carry is the term to be able to provide the very best quality of service that anybody could expect and or want. So if you’re interested in a home security, camera system call witness security and will be come out for free consultation, be able to guide you through the things you’d like to be able to do and things that may not be necessary to cover and will be honest And provide you that consultation know so that you can make an informed decision security. All you have to do to do a little bit of research on it’s. Just Google Tulsa Home Security

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