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Good morning, Chief Wiggum security, home security and integrating your home security system to do a variety of other things, besides just home security. As far as an alarm system is concerned, when you think of home security quite frequently, you probably think of just a security alarm and how that security alarm would go off in the event, somebody breaks, Harbor Home Security is come to a whole new level. In the last I’d, say, 5 to 6 years to be able to operate your system remotely with your phone Rowdy different companies in different apps that you can use for this. But the one that needs to rest is called alarm.com alarm.com and pay an app that integrates with the monitoring station and and your sister, your home, secure and or small business security systems by being able to disarm and arm your system from your smartphone. With that feature alone, the notification anytime that there’s alarm comes to mediately to your phone and then shortly there after you get the call from the monitoring station pictures combined expedite how things are processed when it comes to your home security system, and I want you to Know that you’re going to be getting a phone call from the monitoring station that way you could be out and about somewhere, and you get a text to your phone saying that your back door alarm just went off alarm at your house and if the on the Back door then moments later you get a phone call from the monitoring station. It gives you the heads-up to be able to say yes, dispatch, the police or no. It was my daughter, letting the dogs out the back door. That way, you have the the knowledge of what to say and how to say it prior to when used to be when the MARTA train station would call. Then you had no previous knowledge, you didn’t know what was going on with the way alarm.com work and how quickly and efficiently year, if processes signal just makes it that much more efficient for you to act responsibly. Your when those terms happen with the alarm.com. The variety of companies that will use their system witness security here in Tulsa Oklahoma surrounding communities of Tulsa, Oklahoma Owasso, which is north Owasso and Collinsville, which are north of Tulsa in Skiatook and which is kind of North West. Then you have Sand Springs and Sapulpa, which is you’re actually west of Tulsa, and then also south of Topher. South Southwest you have been actually South is Bixby and Jenks. If you come back around to the other side, is Coweta and then to the pool. East is Inola, and then you have Northeast is going to be Coweta and Claremont. Cities are the cities. This witness Security, provide services to cuz. We provide services, two cities that are 30 mile radius of Tulsa Oklahoma, been in business for a little over a year and when it comes to actually the Google ratings, and things like that, you were very easy to find and we don’t provide any contract. There is no contract for the home security systems by not having a contract and puts the responsibility upon the company and not the individual, to make sure that the system is functioning correctly. That’S a really big aspect of home security systems. Let you had a security system malfunction in any way, shape or form you try to get ahold of somebody, because you signed a contract does not require the company to respond in her in to take care of it quickly. We’Re witness security has a 24 hour response time. That is part of the reason why we only service a 30 mile radius of Tulsa so that we have the ability with the Manpower and we have to respond and take care of our customers. The best way possible. So it’s fairly important to find a company that is going to be able to provide those Services, plus I’m back to doing in a greater integration of your home security system. You have video cameras that you can provide for your home in to be on the outside lot of people say: well, I’m not really sure how many cameras I need to have an opinion on your house. If you have Sarah 1500 to 2000 square foot house, if you were to put cameras across the front of your house, you know maybe the yard or the front door. Sometimes the one camera will provide the able to cover the area and then on your driveway y’all. With cameras like that, you’re able to see the activity on both sides of your vehicles, if they’re parked in the driveway and if they’re in the garage still doesn’t make any difference. You’Re able to Criss Cross the front of your yard to see all activity approaching your yard or your house, and that’s really important to be able to see the activities that come near your home do the same thing in your backyard. If your house is somewhat of a rectangular shape, then it’s very easy to cover the 90 % of your home. Maybe not the ends of your house y’all, but it’s also fairly important to cover air conditioning unit, because the copper in air conditioning units is gotten to be one of the main things that sees some cake and Dick Spencer takes to replace that it just a huge Expense for most people to just cop up immediately, just because somebody wanted to take the copper out of your air conditioner. Are you want to make sure that these things are covered in the best way possible? Is would be a home security, camera system, home security, camera systems have the ability to do a variety of things. You can have camera systems that have recording for games home security cameras that you can get two different services to you. For example, you can have cameras that will only record for a few days, and you have camera systems that can record upwards 2 months is just depends on what you were referring to camera system that you would like to have installed in your home, and that will Determine usually upon how much time you’re away from your home it’s a free consultation for witness security, be able to come out and visit with you about a home security system and or home security camera system integration to your home to be able to view these things Remotely from your phone and your computer, your own simple research on the web and just type in Tulsa, Home Security call Seth, home security and you’ll find that he has the most review and the best reviews of any company in town. Thank you very much for listening and have a great day.

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