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Hello, this is Keith with witness security. We are going to be talking about home security systems and integrating various items to your home security system to make your home security systems that makes more beneficial and convenient for your Youth and planning to be able to do so. This is the part of R5 of the various planning podcast we’ve done, and this is about integrated home security. Security requires a little bit of thought and, if you’re going to provide some integration into your home security system, if you haven’t even gotten home security, yet y’all do little bit of research on the company that you could do business with. What I mean by that is, if you’re located here in Tulsa and the surrounding communities of Tulsa Oklahoma, you want to business with a local company versus a big nemco. Local companies have a better vested interest in making sure that you’re taking care of local home security companies rather than having multiple people come out in work on your systems. You have a small number of people that would be working on your systems rather than your own. Multiple amount of people and the benefit from your not having a variety of people in your home, not to say that anybody bad, not saying what I am saying is you can get to know a few people well, rather than multiple people having all different kinds of People in your home, or your small business, you’re all important the individuals that local companies that are going to be providing services to you and they’re, not there, the left of a chance to do anything that could not be higher variety of people may not necessarily do The background, checks and investigations are necessary in order to be able to hire employees, because somebody doesn’t necessarily have a record does not mean they have tenants. Don’T have Tendencies to do things that they shouldn’t do and, to be honest, all of his have those Tendencies but you’re going to have a better chance working with a local company versus that you can talk to the owner and, if you’re, not necessarily sure about one Of their owner call Accurate witness security, it’s very easy to get ahold of the. Are you just call the office? The owner will always be call you back, you might be able to talk to the manager and, if you take the time to answer your call or call you back, but more than likely, you’re just going to get a hold of a supervisor supervisor can’t do anything With a local company you’re going to deal with somebody that is going to have your interest in mind, just a little tidbit they’re dealing with a local company, verse, local home security company versus a large conglomerate talking about integration into your home. Take a look at the various things that you have integrated with your home security system. A lot of people put outside their door under some sort of an ornament that maybe on the front door are there might be maybe on the side of the house, people just a key. So if you would like to be able to not stash the key, then you can get a lock that you can put on your front door that is operated via a smartphone. Now you can get different kinds of locks to. You always have a smartphone. If you get a deadbolt lock that doesn’t have any key, when I say number keys to build a key in a coat now, you can also get lost and have the key codes. If your kids, they don’t have the smartphone applications on the phones, but they’re not allowed to take their your phone with them to school. So keep that in mind locks to your system, so you don’t have to stack a key outside. You can also have pictures of edible to. Where are the video cameras you have on the outside of your house? And if you want to be able to pay attention to your dogs and animals that maybe, while you’re gone for most people that have animals, that’s their kids left their children or their past. And it’s really important to be able to your watch over them. Make sure everything’s? Okay without you also the video security that you can provide for your home, can’t go Way Beyond what you would normally consider and how you want to protect your home. You also may want to be able to control your thermostat if you’re coming and going from your house and you’re gone for a period of time, and you like control your thermostat to save the money. You can do that by getting a thermostat, that you can control from your phone yeah there’s some things that that are beneficial. This way for the most beneficial item you can buy, that is going to save you, some money, over. And it will pay for itself in a much shorter time than a discount you would get. Is the thermostat cuz you’re gone for more than 10 hours a day? Working and there’s nobody else in the house, there’s no need for that air, conditioner or the heating system to be turned on all day long and maintaining a temperature that’s for when you’re. Actually there you can have it set to where it will turn down and or up depending on the scene, and then you can have it set to where you can control the right from your phone and turn it on to an hour before you get home and It’Ll bring the temperature up slowly rather than all at once, so it will help you out and saving some money you’re on that way, you can also control lights. That could be on the outside of your house to indicate that somebody is present in the home at all time. You can add other items such as Appliance module to yo Branson’s. A lot of ways will use curling, irons and things like that. You can plug those curling irons into an appliance module, and this is a real big problem with a lot of people go run off to work and realized. I forgot to turn my curling iron off your boss. Can I run home and shut off, so I don’t care to fire my house right from your phone, what you would normally imagine for a home security system. You can also do the same thing like a Crock-Pot. You have your Crock-Pot set up to turn on at a certain time, will you set the appliance module up and then you turn the outlet on your from your phone at noon? So your dinner will be ready quite frequently necessary in order to for the convenience of having to rush home and get dinner ready already be ready for you when you walk in the door items as far as when it comes to Home, Security can very easily be Taken care of promptly and efficiently with witness security and if you’re not exactly sure what company to use you’ll do a little bit of just type in Google call Seth home security and all the companies will come up and you’ll discover that went and security has the Most reviews Andy very best, reviews of any company in town or locally owned, locally operated and no contract to sign, and during the month of September, we are offering 7 free months of monitoring for anybody that the new system and or upgrade your system. So please give us a call. Thank you.

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