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Security here in Tulsa Oklahoma and we’re talking about planning home security or planning for a home security system in Tulsa Oklahoma. If you are just moving into Tulsa, Oklahoma and you’re, not exactly sure what necessarily to expect and door are, aren’t necessarily sure what necessarily need when it comes to Home Security. Signature for, as far as planning for home security system to do a brief overview of what took place in part one and part two. If you already know, you need to involve all of your family members that you could be and just discussed the idea of a home security system in your home and what it would entail, such as told that they would like to use to take you to remember Your code for the key banana code for security monitoring Center when they call, I recommend using the same four digit code for both. So you don’t forget your make a list of the reasons for purchasing the security system and when I say reasons, there’s some things that the for example, a family member, could be a handicapped child to me. You’Re an adult, if maybe starting in the first stages of Alzheimer’s, and now they tend to open doors and go for a walk. You know without telling anybody. You know what the scary systems can do for you with home, with witness security are here in Tulsa. Oklahoma is the system will actually announced new store opened. It will give you a notification on your phone, which door opened it will in this is whether its arms or disarm there is a delay of whatever time frame. You put it. As you know, I got that money 5 minutes. They don’t tell me that the door is open. You can set it for whatever time you like, so that you can be notified and will always tell you when you’re coming when you’re going, and this comes directly to your phone. So there, when the kids come home from school, then it’ll tell you what time they arrived at home and it also tell you they all has the least four work your early in the morning and then the wife leaves a little bit later and we’re the kids And it’ll tell you what time they left your own. Also, it’s just a handy device to be able to help you pay attention to what’s going on around your house, so when it comes to making a list of the reasons why you’re purchasing a security home security system, these are some of the aspects. You’D want to pay attention to and, like I said before, making a specific list when it comes to home security such as your doors, and maybe you need a smoke detector and no it’s not a bad idea does provide a discount on your homeowners insurance. If you, if you get a home, secure security system, it does have to be monitored and you get a little bit of a discount on your homeowners insurance. You don’t keep in mind that discount is not going to be so March that it’s going to pay for something or it’s going to help you. But it’s not going to be a drastic difference. If you live in a much larger enough to where he could possibly pay for your monitoring, but you have to live in a large phone for that to happen, and also you consider the family as you’re. Taking a brief operatic of your New York security concerns. In your needs, attention to all the various items that may be located in your home that you want to have protected. This doesn’t take an extensive amount of time. You want to make sure you’re all your major items that you can’t back down, such as TVs and things like that, but other items at maybe heirlooms. Maybe things about your own, make sure. There’S Security in a location that is going to take a little bit of time. If somebody were to break into your home, then you know they’re not going to have enough time to find it. That’S really important keep in mind home security systems. Do not apprehend criminal criminal iPad customers, then the past that seem to believe and could not understand why, when their house got broken into and no they didn’t it didn’t just put them in handcuffs and take them down to the police station. Keep in mind it’s an electronic device, that’s what it is and it’s going to do if job when it comes to announcing whether or not a burglar has entered your home. It does not apprehend criminals. I know it may sound silly, but I will trust me. People have actually considered this and thought this was security systems dead. So just to let you know that I’m scared an electronic device, they do not apprehend criminals, so you make sure he major things. You’D want are that no such as jewelry and things put them in a location to where they’re not going to be easily accessed acceptable, acceptable, Noble discreet, where you located walk the perimeter of your house and consider all the doors and windows the garage. Take a look at your lock that you have in your home security system to start your own Security in Tulsa Oklahoma has the ability to be able to put Kwikset locks on your home? If you want and just ask – and we can provide that and those locks, you can operate from your phone, you don’t consider that a lot of people keep keys on the outside your house in case somebody loses their teeth, and this is why it’s important to be Able to get a lock, such as the lock that we provide you can operate with your phone. So therefore you don’t need to have a set of keys sitting outside these locks. Have the ability to have a code that you can punch in and it turns the it on lock the door, but at the same time you can have it set up to where. If you were to punch you in your 4 digit code, it would turn the alarm system off at the same time, pictures that are available and features that we can provide just asked. We don’t do them as standard that way because people may not like it. So just asked so that’s why it’s important to Canada pay attention to what your needs are and what you like to have done. There’S also, if your have an older member in the home that maybe having Alzheimer’s, maybe you have a little different little bit, difficulty getting around your hand or child that could be handicapped know. We have medical personal needs and we can cover as well. You don’t pay attention to the neighbors that are in your home, or are these neighbors neighbors G? You trust, don’t trust so on and so forth to pay attention to them. Lighting around your property is a big one to pay attention to your own and in your neighborhood, your own, the lighting that you have run your property, it’s good to have that, if need be, we can have security cameras to your home as well on the outside, And the inside is that be necessary and witness security has the ability to professionally install everything. Everything is hard wired so that the reliability of your system is that much more important to make sure that you have everything set in place so that your home security system is going to do what it’s supposed to do and then also do a little bit of Research on your local police department standard response times, and things like that. That’S why it’s important, like I was saying about putting major items, are important to you in location, to take a little bit of time to find the alarm security alarm going off the siren going off then disorient individual is in the house cuz. I do. The burglar wants to stay in your home anywhere between 8 to 10 minutes, so with the security sign in the yard. Most burglars determine whether or not they’re coming in and a whip to sign in the yard says they’re not going to have that much time. You know that concludes our time. We have this with a segment if you’re interested in home security system contact, witness security, and you can do that by just Googling Tulsa, home security and you’ll be contact forms right there. We also are providing in the month of September. Seven three months of monitoring give us a call free consultation, love to talk to you.

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