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Tulsa Home Security and alarms are now a part of everyday home life. It provides you a peace of mind by keeping you updated about your house every second. Although it can be trouble sometimes.

Think about a quiet nice Sunday morning. Ah! That’s a great day to sleep. No work, no hassle. However, a false alarm rings up, and there you go, you are up now. It becomes worse when you have a toddler or elderly in your house who has just gone to bed. Don’t forget about the neighbors. You have to listen to them now as well.

A false alarm can happen anytime. They are quite inconvenient and irritating. It is important to prevent false alarm so you could keep your attention towards real emergencies. There could be a lot of reasons behind a false alarm. 

Here are some of them that can bug you anytime.

  1. If you don’t know how to use it

If the residents don’t know how the system operates, then there can be a lot of false alarm at your place. If you type in the wrong code or you have a home help who doesn’t know how to get inside without setting the alarm off, all this results in a false alarm. 

Not to forget, don’t leave unlock doors or loose windows, or otherwise, you know what will happen. A false alarm.

  1. Pets

We all love pets, and I know fluffy (your dog) is your best friend, but you have to understand that he could cause trouble as well. I know that he loves to play with curtains and blinds, but that can trigger a false alarm. 

Before installing the security system in your house, be sure that it is placed somewhere high so it couldn’t be triggered by minor pet movements. Now your fluffy can still play.

  1. Improper equipment  

If the equipment is not installed properly, then it can cause problems. If the system is not programmed correctly or installed at the correct place, then if you open the door, it will result in a false alarm. 

Even a battery running down can create this issue, as well. Some systems might right in case of a low battery. You have to make sure that the batteries are working fine; otherwise, you have a false alarm has ended up paying a lot of fines. 

One more thing, it can also result from troubleshooting. If a false alarm is happening more than once so you should know that the reason could be something else as well. 

  1. Mother Nature

Bad weather conditions can easily result in a false alarm. If the system is active and the doors are shut properly, but a heavy wind blows, this would obviously trigger the alarm. Loose glass windows can easily cause a false alarm too.

How to prevent it?

Here are some tips that help you to stay safe from the authorities and unwanted fines.

  1. Don’t forget the code:

Most of the time, a false alarm is a result of entering the wrong code in your Tulsa Home Security alarm. Use a code that everyone can easily remember. In case if you have changed one recently, then inform your family members about it. You can also keep a list.

  1. Close the doors and windows properly:

The second most common false alarm is usually leaving the doors or windows unlocked. 

Minimize this by keeping your doors and windows properly shut. Before activating your Tulsa Home Security alarm, remember to check every door and window. 

  1. Inform your guests

Let your guests know that you have a Tulsa Home security system at your house. Now the next time when they visit you or come to stay at your place, they act accordingly. If you have a home help, guide them about the correct codes and the correct way to disarm the Tulsa Home security system.

  1. Take care of the equipment

Replace your Tulsa Home security at the correct time. Make sure the batteries aren’t weak. Keep a regular check on batteries, and you will see that it can easily function around five years. 

Sometimes a damaged or a human error in installing this gadget can also result in a false alarm. If you suspect any malfunctioning or any issue in the equipment, then call your security company and make an appointment for the inspection.

  1. Correct placement of equipment

Make sure that the equipment is placed correctly. In case if you have a pet or a toddler, install the equipment at a place where they can get access easily. 

Sometimes, a false alarm also results from bad weather. Strong winds, electrical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes can cause a false alarm easily. Place the sensors at a place where the systems are not triggered by such conditions, or you can keep a check for it. 

  1. Update it!

If you had the same program for long, then consider upgrading your Tulsa Home security system. The systems today are more technical and require constant updating. 

Quick solutions?

You can easily check for a false alarm if you have a wireless security system. These two tips can easily help you out.

  • Mobile app
  • Doorbell camera
  • Camera Videos

These three supplies can help you to monitor the cause of false alarm. You can easily look for the reasons and fix your alarm system. It makes it easier to avoid false alarm and enjoy the value-added benefits of your security system.

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Tulsa Home Security I Monitored Home security alarms

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Home is the place where you feel safe. But is your home completely safe? There are still some hazards that you can need to consider even in a safe and secure home, especially when you are living with children and the elderly.

Tulsa Home Security monitored options can help you to create a safe environment for your family to live comfortably at your home. 

What can be the risks? 

Here are some usual risks that you can face anytime and anywhere at your place.


  • Cuts 

We all know that kids love to play here and there. Their minds are designed in a way that they are curious to explore everything without thinking about the hazards it could bring. It’s easy for them to tumble over toys, fall over the staircase, slip on the bathroom floors, or get a cut with edgy things lying around the house. 

  • Strangling

You can obviously not trust your kids in any way around anything. Even a simple window blind could become hazardous. A lot of strangling incidents have been reported resulting due to the cords of such windows. 

  • Chocking

Choking is another hazard that is the fourth-largest cause of infant death since 2014. Think if you are away, and your toddler is playing with Legos or coins, just a minute of negligence, and it can result in something that you wouldn’t even want to imagine.    

  • Burns

Children can easily catch an injury like burns if they are close to the dishwashers, stoves, or irons. These appliances impose the risk of such inconvenient events if not operated under great vigilance. 

  • Drowning

It doesn’t end here, slippery floor and swimming pools can also become a cause. Drowning is another hazard if you have a swimming pool at your house. Obviously, if you are not at home, then how would you know that the kids aren’t going to the backyard? This can even happen in a bathtub if kids are alone in the bathroom. It doesn’t need you to be out of the house. It can even if you are inside and busy in the kitchen or somewhere else. 

In case if you have an elderly in your house, then it’s difficult to keep an eye on them. They can also get hurt easily in the situations mentioned above. 

Moving to other types of hazards.

Alarming hazards:

Did you know that around a million fires at house results from a blunder during normal home-day life? An unattended iron or candle can lead to an accident that could cause a lot of damage, burning your house or even a loss of precious life. 

What about the gasses that are released due to such hazards. Fire results in carbon monoxide release. At lower levels, it could result in dizziness, but if the levels are higher than the person can also go into a coma, or it could result in death. The gas is virtually impossible to detect as it doesn’t have a specific smell. This means even if you are at your house, you cannot do anything about it. 

How can a monitored security system help? 

Nothing is a priority than keeping your family safe. Realizing what you should care about and which safety measures to take makes your job somewhat simpler as a family protector. Obviously, nobody can monitor constantly, so you might need to get some assistance, ensuring your friends and family with a checked security system. Tulsa Home security option offers remote access and professional monitoring these days so you can ensure all is well as every time you are away. Ensure your home security plan includes a camera for these sensitive zones at your place. 

Remain aware of the older guardians’ movement. Is your mom moving around the house today? Did your dad get to the prescription and take his drug? Has anybody visited the home who represents a hazard to your parent? A total home security package, including the capacity to see that all is OK, brings peace of mind for our senior citizens.

Watch out for kids. Checking in utilizing a day in and day out, full-time surveillance cameras encourage you that they are fine. Know when kids show up home securely.  At the point when we are at work, it’s comforting to know that our children returned home safe and secure. 

It gets even better when we can see that they are settled in with their meal and their schoolwork! You can now monitor their playtime as well. Now you can be away from busy in your work with a peace of mind that you can watch out for your kids from the hazards mentioned above. 

Ensure danger zones, for example, pools, weapon safes, alcohol or prescription cupboards, and lawns, are secure and protected. Tulsa home security 360 surveillance cameras incorporate the capacity to set cautions when movement is identified. Tulsa home security Alert 360 savvy home video likewise will send video clips to your smartphone in case if somebody gets to an area that should be unacceptable. 

Tulsa home security also has a smoke and Carbon monoxide detector that can help you detect any poisonous gas in the house before it’s too late. It also helps to avoid fire incidents as the smoke is generally detected at the correct time. 

Tulsa home security can send an alert to the concerned person and authority, so in case of an emergency or fire, the right authorities will be at your place even before you. This saves you time, and you can concentrate on your work without getting worried. 

Experts monitoring your home through Tulsa home security system can help you around the clock to identify suspicious activity or react to warnings. This gives you a chance to concentrate on your job and make the most of your time away from home.

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