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Hello, this is Keith with the security we are located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and witness security provides home security systems for residential and commercial property. When I say commercial property, I’m actually referring to small businesses, preferably around 5000 square foot, maybe upwards to 30 employees and depending on how it’s wetter, 24-hour service or not Windows, security is a company that is built upon customer service. Our customer service is somewhat of a bygone form of business for the last number of years when it comes to providing service. Customer service is what this country was built in. All the cities that are developed throughout the years were built upon companies that were willing to stick and stay and make it pay, not just for the individual. As far as the company is concerned, before the community itself, witness security is a company that provides services of your security companies. We do not have a monitoring contract. Martin contracts are something that was developed quite some years ago for home security monitoring companies to be able to develop value that some, what kind of like a loan. So if you had a contract with customers, then he gave you the ability to be able to sell your contract.Tulsa Home Security and Quality Customer Services That’S one thing that witness security has no desire to do. We don’t want to sell our contract, we develop a company that is built upon service, and you know the customers themselves will provide the necessary needs for our business in order to continue to succeed, and I want that kind of thought is then know something that the Kind of foreign for the past 15 to 20 years when we began this company and we began it trying to find a niche that would be different than the norm, and that was one of the first things we started. Whip was a no contract. Another thing also, when it comes to customer service that isn’t necessary need, especially if you’re in some sort of a service-related industry and security, is one that requires somebody to be available 24/7. So if somebody has an issue with their home or with their business and they can’t, for some reason, be able to arm or disarm their system or whatever the situation, maybe maybe ad a falling-out with a an employee, and you need to change your passcode. You need to make sure you make a payment for your security service because you had fraudulent behavior on your credit card. There’S any number of variables that could take place when it comes to are providing good quality service when individuals such as customers or clients have a relation that comes to mind and or maybe just write prevalent that they have to get taken care of immediately. It is fresh on their mind to be able to address that situation and be able to explain it much better if you’re able to pick up the phone and make that phone call right away here, to explain it’s easier for the person to be able to understand And it’s much faster to be able to address that situation right away, and that is what witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma when it comes to home security and small business security. Tulsa Home Security and Quality Customer Services That is what we Endeavor to do. It is vitally important to make sure that not only do you provide a good quality service and that of which the peace of mind that goes much further than just securing your home, the Peace of Mind, of knowing that your service is going to be taken. Care of and going to be able to respond or quickly is also part of the aspect when it comes to Home Security. So by having no contract, puts the burden upon the company rather than the customer having 24 7 tech support. Y’All is your app that could be vitally important to be able to have that availability to our clients at any. Given time you can text, if you can call if you can email it. If you pick up the phone back, some people prefer to use texting and emailing, and now that’s just something we were able to do as well back, and you can also go right onto our website. It’S another form of communication with us that we are more and more developing, but also comes to the actual monetary unit. South, your witness security has used a variety of different monitoring stations throughout the years, some of which we tried to text everybody else to use the cheapest monitoring stations and we discovered that the cheapest wasn’t always better because, if it’s cheaper than quite frequently the monitoring stations In cells get lackadaisical and their idea of the get to you eventually and eventually is not sufficient when it comes to providing a good quality service when you’re dealing with home security and small business security. Here on a response from the Monitoring Center, when the alarm goes off must be less than 30 seconds. It must be if it’s not less than 30 seconds, then the system itself, the company itself – is not providing the service necessary to provide the peace of mind that homeowners and business owners need and have to have. So we have chosen to set up monitoring stations when I stay at step of monitoring stations know it’s six different MARTA train stations that are all linked together, wrong Network. You got her so that when the alarm goes off, all of them get the signal. At the same time, not only are they have six different monitoring stations but they’re placed in strategic locations across the country. So, therefore, there’s not going to be any kind of a situation that will make it to where the yeah, whatever you, whether you’re, whatever event that could be taking place in that place of the country that is going to prevent it from providing her service. That is necessary to help maintain our response times it’s necessary and, like I said you have to reach at least a minimum of 30 seconds now that company that we have chose what the status of monitoring station they have the six monitoring stations, but they have never Ever in 35 years never had a signal response less than 25 seconds, never and in the past 12 months they are maintained 12.9 seconds on priority alarm, so not only our date that time frame of less than 30 seconds they go beyond that you’re when they’re on The phone with our clients, their professional there, quick, which sometimes can be viewed as being abrupt but they’re, not on the phone to have a conversation there on the phone to be able to convey the message that it’s necessary for you to make a decision and get On to the next customer, so they’re not trying to be rude or just trying to be efficient and how they respond to each and every customer that they work with. So I hope our customers keep that in mind. I’ve had a few call and say that they are on they were abrupt and but some people just don’t grasp the perspective of how somebody in the monitoring station is needs to respond versus that doesn’t necessarily understand how it works. So it’s really important to make sure that that time frame there on the monitor there talking to our customers is short, brief and a fishing. So I can make some before they’re things that are necessary in order to be able to provide the services. No contract. 24/7 tech support and having monitoring station that’s going to effectively respond when it comes to home security and if you’re, looking for a home security company Deer do dill and just Google call safe home security and you’ll be surprised of the reviews. The witness security has and how we strive to maintain a good quality customer service. Thank you for listening.

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