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This is Tyler with Witness Security and just wanted to say it’s good to know when you’re coming back from vacation that your home is safe and sound that whenever you have witness Securities security system in place that your your home was going to be safe And sound I just got back from my week-long vacation. And we went all the way up to South Dakota came back and there wasn’t a single problem the whole week we are gone. I don’t know if anybody else neighborhood had any problems, but I know that my house was safe. I know that I also my heat and air unit didn’t run the whole whole week. I was gone. Why would it need to? I was gone yet I didn’t turn it off before I left. I turn it off turn it off about 30 40 miles down. The road is when I realize you know what we didn’t turn the AC off, so I turned it off as we’re driving down the road. Now, that’s something that witness security can do for you and I just wanted to put it out there. Is it hey if you wanted to become a witness Security customer not have a contract and or you wanted to become a witness Security customer getting 7 months free monitoring? That is definitely an option where, with any other company in the area, that is not an option. Witness security is the only company in the area that has the option for 7 months. Free monitoring right out. The gate every body else is going to have at least a three-year contract, most of them now at a five-year contract, and you get to usually pay for the sales appointment and where the install at and then it’s a usually a 45 to monthly, where our monthly is 41.99. A month and get the first after you pay for the equipment with her basic package and or any of our packages, you get 7 months. Free monitoring see you pay for the equipment and then it’s basically you don’t have anything to worry about for 7 months and you get to try this out. What what is there to lose with that there isn’t anything. So if you were to try witness security out, he had seven months free monitoring and then say after the 7 months you realize you know what this isn’t going to work out. So don’t you go on down the road? Try something someone else out granted with those other people or the other companies. You are going to sign a contract and you are going to get worse service. It’S a given we’re with us we have to. If we. If we want to break even after that 7 months, then we have to keep you on as a customer and when it comes to our customer base, our attrition rate is so low that it’s almost non-existent because we take care of our customers you’re, not just another Number, you are another customer for us to take care of your a we try and make you a friend when wearing your home and not just a an acquaintance or is somebody that we just met and were ended, get your money and move on. And so when it comes to home security, witness security, has you in mind, we will eat sleep, breathe home security, we eat sleep and breathe, anything that has to do with small business and home security. That’S what we do today we’re doing a massive camera system for a RV Ranch, and so, while we’re there, we will install the cameras and just would take care of that place. I put the cameras to the best possible angle for those specific cameras so that the customer knows for sure that they’re getting the best possible deal for their money. We have several types of cameras when it comes to the different types of Camry you can get. We have 360 camera, Miss clear fisheye that can view 360° in every direction to make sure that when your camera is in place, you’re going to get the maximum amount of view for your camera. Also, when it comes to the home security system, you can arm and disarm your security system from your phone, and it also send you a notification saying exactly where it was it you just armed or what it was it you just armed. You can link these systems together, like we have it. On my phone, I’ve got my office, I’ve got my house, and I’ve got my dad’s house he’s got his home, he’s got the office and he’s got my house, and so we can see each other see each other’s homes if we ever have to go to their Home, if I ever have to go to his home or the office, we can turn it off with her phone and or if someone shuts off the system there at the office. We both see it on our phones. If I shut off my system at my house, if you wanted to know he could have the notification turned on to see my house turn, my house system turned on or off and vice versa. I can do the same if I were wanting to see when he’s coming and going, I really don’t care, but that’s what can be done if you wanted to you can also, like I said earlier, even like thermostats link locks, you can link lights on my front. Porch, though I was gone all week, long in South Dakota, my front porch light came on at night and at around 11 at night it went off. Why? Because I have a schedule set to where it will follow and arm and disarm or arm disarm turn the light on turn the light off all on a schedule so that it looks like I’m home. It looks as though I’m here, but I’m not, I was in South Dakota, and so when it comes to your specific needs whatever it may be, that you, as a witness Security customer may have. All you have to do is ask there’s so many options that we have that we can do for you and your home weave when it comes to home security. I put in overhead door sensors I put in water sensors, I have put in AC heat and air unit. Sensors AC condenser sensors, put in countless different style sensors to monitor whatever the system that you’re either you have whatever it is. I can monitor it. It’S just a matter of whatever you have that you want to cover, and again this is Tyler with witness security and just covering security sensors that you may need, and I never worried about my home and never was curious – is everything. Okay, with my help, nope I’ve never crossed my mind. What did cross my mind was. I know that everything’s, okay – I don’t have to worry, because if I had, if the system had gone off, I would have been getting a call within about 13 14 seconds from the time that system went off. This is Tyler with witness security. Thank you have a great day.

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