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Good morning, where you talking about Wayne the value of a home security system, value of a home security system security, we are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and you talking about. Why would it be important to have a home security system? Tell me these things is kind of obvious, for the sole purpose of somebody were to break into your home. Wouldn’t you want notification that somebody breaking into your home to wake you up. The police shows on TV are regular basis, for the police are in some sort of a major somebody’s following somebody actually breaks into the Home world and wakes him up here. Will it be better than being woken up in the middle night having somebody else over you after they broke it in when it could have been avoided by Just Simply Having a home security system, and they would have been notified that you were woken up and you Have been notified that they were coming in most of the stuff is kind of Common Sense. However, I get any news about people commenting about what I’ve got to go wrong guns only work if you’re awake guns only work if your home guns loaded and ready to go because you don’t have any somebody’s actually coming in and guns, don’t really do all right Before you, sleep too babe can’t be woken up and maybe a little bit easier than a person can. But no it’s kind of important I mean is to prefer to have a big dog will. Is it really to have a big dog? Big dogs have big Bill’s, big dogs have big Veterinary bills. Big dogs are not home security system you’re on there there’s so many different break in to take place even in the Tulsa surrounding area you’re. Looking any worse than two and three minutes, every two and three minutes: a break-in takes place in the Tulsa Oklahoma over a 24-hour period so and 59 % of the break-ins take place between you got to wait. Your ask yourself is having a home security system kind of important, believe it or not. The vast majority of Steve make their decision out at the street as to whether or not they’re going to break into your home manafort even come in yet, but they make that decision because of having. If you have a home security sign in your yard, that deters people from morning 21 consider breaking into your home are no different than anybody else. They have what a basic thing in life that they’re wanting to do or not to do or one of them and no one is not to get caught and another one. Is there like to be able to take as much time as I would like to be able to take in your home if at all possible, so they’ll be able to be in your home between 8 and 10 minutes? If you are communicating correctly, then there are going to have the ability to stay in your home for 8 to 10 minutes they’re going to break into your home and then they’re going to be packing to leave early because they can’t stay for 8 to 10 minutes. To find whatever whatever it is, that they want and then get out home security in Tulsa Oklahoma is really important to be able to have a home security system that is going to communicate. I get some people. They want to have a home security system where they don’t want to get a security system. Unless you have all the windows contacted all the doors contacted, they got. Everything under the Sun never had a security system before in your life, but now they need at Fort Knox. I don’t know that that’s necessary to go to that extreme. You know if you haven’t ever had a home security system and you don’t have a situation where somebody is following you or stalking you or maybe some sort of a family dispute or whatever. If you don’t have any real threat upon your life, then to be honest with you, I really don’t think it’s necessary to have Fort Knox to your house when you never had a fear systems begin with y’all think about the value of what it would be to Buy something they didn’t have a car, so you want to go, get a Lamborghini car really, I mean think about how, when you’re going to spend money on something you know. Why do you have to have the very, very, very, very bad when you begin work when you never had it before security alarms or home security systems are value for the sole purpose of somebody were to break into your home, then there’s going to be some damage. Just going to be done to your doors, your doors and all the windows, if you have all your doors locked, then you’re going to end up having to pay damages in order to fix that. But you really want to put a claim in on your insurance, ,100 and everything comes to ,100. If you do you’re going to pay more on your insurance premiums in the future, then you would have to just got her home security system security system that you have to consider all the things that could come into play, no different than the maintenance on your vehicle. If you never change the oil on your vehicle, would it be cheaper for you to go, buy a brand new one, probably not think about these things. You have a home security system. Fire department, when you initially put the installation in, will cover your house for smoke. Detection so in the event anything happens, you’re all the alarms going to go off the money and the fire Park Fire Department in lights and got the battery operated, don’t make a phone call. So if you’re not at home, it’s not going to make a phone call. Why camper few extra dollars extra dollars were talking to any words in the ballpark of 122, maybe for a smoke detector now that’ll take care of your home forever. As long as it’s monitor your home security systems, security is 34 99 a month three to Operator Operator. Virginia from your phone, then, if you get the protection plan, which is an additional a month to cover the entire system in the event, anything happens to your system, including getting hit by lightning taking care of without any real and not without any real expense. Your own $43.50, a month comes to about a year a year for that you’re, going to take care of your home security notice, going to be monitored, notice, police going to be dispatched, know that you have secured your kids can feel safe. Your wife can feel safe as a piece of mind that you’re really can’t afford to go without. This is Keith talking to you about the value of a home security system.

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