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Home and Business Security

Witness Security’s home intrusion alarms are cutting edge technology with exceptional service. We pay attention to your personal needs and make the system custom fit your home and lifestyle rather than cookie cutter them for our convenience and cost. Having a security system signage such as stickers and a sign in the front yard is a good thing it actually works to be about 75% of deterrence, but if you do not have a system to back up the signage it likes gambling with your belongings. There are burglars that will call your bluff just like in the game of cards. Hence why we use the fastest systems in the industry, along with the fastest cellular companies in the industry, paired with the fastest monitoring available.

When it comes to small business Security in Owasso we at Witness Security understand what it takes to get your business off the ground financially it takes a lot. If your were broken into, seeing you are not able to watch your business 100% of the time that is what we are for to put the systems in place so that you have an eye on what is going on in and around your business. Witness Security takes care of several small stores and shops in Owasso of 1000 square feet and larger warehouses.

The Brand of our all inclusive panel that we use is 2GIG, which can talk to you and tell you which doors/ or windows are standing open. The color intuitive touch screen display that has several different chimes to choose from that  prompts you to what to do in an alarm situation, in everyday operations, or just to announce that the kids have just arrived home from school. 2GIG comes built in with a Z-wave option already to learn in anything Z-wave whether it is a Siren / strobe or a lamp module, locks, thermostats, or garage door openers the possibilities are constantly growing as manufacturers are catching the idea of Z-wave.

We also use another panel made by Honeywell which you can tie into an cell unit. Honeywell’s Vista15p is by far the best on the market for the analog type systems and you can bring it into the digital age with’s cell unit. Making it Z-wave compatible, to do the same things that the 2Gig can do,  without the cost of having to upgrade the system.

We work with which is also on the cutting edge with the fastest speed notification in the industry. Which has won them several awards from their smartphone apps, controllability, user friendliness, web interface and the list could go on.’s qualifications are absolutely endless. uses several different types of cellular providers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-mobile, for if one service provider doesn’t cover one area the others may work. has crested to being trusted by millions where other alarm cellular providers are not stepping up to the plate. Whether be it you want to check in on your system or just operate your system from anywhere in the world providing you have an internet connection. has built in Z-wave portions of their website to run your system on rules or scenes to which you can set your thermostat to a schedule.  Your front door lock’s keypad can turn the system off when the code is put in. Or you can have an overhead garage door opener put in too standalone operate from your smartphone or smartwatch.

You want a notification if someone walks up to your door it is as simple as installing a doorbell that will talk to your security system. Integrate a video doorbell so that you can talk to the Fedex guy, or get a notification when your system is turned on or off remotely or locally through the app. The notifications that you can get are unbelievably intuitive, if a door was left open when the system was armed through the app it force bypasses that door or window but will also tell you or if the kids leave the front door open after they get home from school you will know it. Witness Security also has the ability to install a Kwikset door lock whether it be a deadbolt or lever lock either one you could lock or unlock from your smartphone.

Witness Security contracts a monitoring center brand that actually has 6 separate monitoring centers. All of which get the call at the same time to better serve our customers it costs us a little more than what other companies may charge but being cheap does not get you quality. If you are always looking for the cheapest price there will be some other company that may beat us on price, but you may regret the choice of company you go with due to quality of service they provide. Other companies charge for monitoring but you do not have a definite time frame of when you will get a call, with us the average time is 23 seconds it fluctuates every year a few seconds one direction or the other but mainly stays at 23 seconds. From the time that you hear the siren go off til the time you are getting a phone call, that is what Witness Security can control other than that if the authorities respond or not that is out of our control.