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Cameras are an awesome device that can help with identifying little things such as someone in a hoodie doing something that would be considered as suspicous. It all depends what type of camera system you want to go with how clear you want to have your pictures. Do you want Ip, analog, hd tvi, or hd cvi. All of which will work but some will be clearer than others.  Witness Security installs cameras In Owasso of the highest quality . The clearest systems are Ip which stands for Internet Protocol, the cost of the cameras nowadays are not to expensive for the average person to have installed in their home.

Analog cameras are an older technology that uses an older wiring and an older style recorder. Which the cameras are the ones you see on tv and you can barely make out the figure and what is going on.

Hd cameras there are two different types of hd, which ends up being a preference of the installer and where he may buy his equipment, either one will be a clear picture and now they have ptz(pan tilt zoom) that will work on the older wiring so that you can zoom in and out without having to run extra wires.

Lastly you have Ip (internet protocol) which is definitely the clearest but is the most versatile camera system available on the market from doing one camera which has a sd card slot built in to make the camera a recording device without needing a full recorder. The next step up would be a NVR(network video recorder) you can have 4-16 channel recorders which now have a plug and play feature once you plug in a network cable into the first slot for the first camera it locks the camera to that slot. One difference between analog and Hd vs Ip is if you have a separate buildings yet you want to use one recorder HD and analog cannot do that but Ip will work with a device that can send internet through the air to separate buildings. With that said you can also put internet to those building and you now have one internet bill vs having several bills which is unnecessary. Ptz( Pan tilt zoom) through IPis super awesome you can work them through your smartphone.

IP cameras is the up and coming camera system, though there are many companies that are charging an arm and a leg to purchase these type systems the technology is not that expensive. Depending on what you are wanting it can climb higher in price but so can the price climb when you are talking HD and analog.

What also sets us apart from the other camera companies is we have a 1 year warranty on our product with tech support available as well. Our cameras are Hikvision with plug and play technology we hardline the cameras so that they are not going out randomly due to down wireless connection. Wireless cameras are privy to down signal if the camera is having problems or if the router has a glitch with its wireless side. Where the only way a hardlined camera is going to have problems is if the router loses internet.

Ip cameras with the brand we use also has a style camera that you can have one camera or as many as you want the difference is you do not have to have an NVR(network video recorder) it becomes an individual recorder all by itself with a SD card slot the web interface is very user friendly.You need to run a Cat5 to each location for the camera to carry power and data to each camera. It takes a power over POE(power over Ethernet) and plug the data cable into the router

When it comes to cameras it is all about safety. You can go the cheap route of buying the big box stores cheaply made cameras but in less than 6 months you will be unhappy because you still haven’t installed them or no security company is going to come out and install them. Reason most security companies will not mess with them is they have to be able to make a profit to stay in business and most people do not understand that there is no profit to be made if the customer buys a cheap camera that they paid 300- 400% markup on a product from a box store. Not only is it cheaply made but then you also have clarity when it comes to the cameras we install they are drastically different our cameras are Hikvison Ip cameras better than 1080p hd quality.

Cameras are not a set and forget type deal you also need to get in a regular habit of checking the recorded video for when the time arises and you actually need to pull video for the police you can do it with ease. The cameras record on motion( when something moves in the eye of the camera ) or continuous( constant record no stopping) continuous record is dated recording technology because

Quickly and Easy Access from a Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer

  • Know what is happening around your property
  • Check on your property while you are on vacation or at work
  • Watch your children from a distance
  • Driveway Cameras
  • Front Porch Cameras
  • Backyard Cameras
  • Indoor Cameras

Protect your property with video surveillance cameras and alarms from Witness Security

Bullet Camera

4 MP WDR Mini Bullet Network Camera


  • 4 Megapixel High Resolution
  • Full HD1080p Video
  • Dual Video Streams
  • 4 mm or 6 mm Fixed Lens
  • 120 dB Wide Dynamic Range
  • 3D Digital Noise Reduction
  • Smart Features
  • PoE (802.3af)
  • IR Range 30 Meters (~100 Feet)
  • IP66 Protection
Dome Camera

4 MP Vandal-Resistant Network Dome Camera


  • 4 Megapixel High Resolution
  • Full HD1080p Video
  • Dual Video Streams
  • 2.8 mm, 4 mm, or 6 mm Fixed Lens Options
  • 120 dB Wide Dynamic Range
  • 3D Digital Noise Reduction
  • Smart Features
  • PoE (802.3af)
  • IR Range 30 Meters (~100 Feet)
  • IP66 and IK08 Protection
  • Audio and Alarm I/O
  • Edge Storage, MicroSD Slot, 128 GB

Network Video Recorder


  • Up to 6 Megapixel Live and Playback Resolution
  • 16 IP Camera Inputs, 100 Mbs Bandwidth
  • Supports H.264+ and H.264
  • Independent HDMI and VGA Outputs
  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • Plug and Play with 16 Independent PoE Connections
  • 4x SATA HDD, 6 TB Capacity, DVD-RW Option
  • Alarm and Audio I/O

Day / Night Comparison

Driveway Day


Day Mode at Night

Day Mode at Night

Driveway Night


Focal Length Comparison


2.8mm Wide Angle


4mm Focal Length

Most Common


6mm Zoom